How to Evaluate a Client Portal

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A client portal is an invaluable tool for companies outsourcing contact center functions. By providing a two-way flow of information, clients can more easily collaborate with vendors for stronger partnerships, while simultaneously benefitting from reduced overhead and streamlined processes. When evaluating a contact center service provider, it’s important to understand the capabilities of its client […]

What to know about BPO

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The idea of one company providing services to another company is as old as industry itself. In fact, it’s a fundamental part of logistics and supply-chain economics. At its most basic, business process outsourcing (BPO) is a subset of the broader concept of outsourcing. More specifically, BPO is the contracting of non-core business functions and […]

3 Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore Agent Attrition

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The job of a contact centre agent is notoriously stressful, which is one reason why the industry has an employee turnover rate of approximately 33 percent (some estimates are as much as 45 percent). Although not as high as retail or food service (67 and 62 percent respectively), center leaders across sectors cited agent turnover […]

Considering the Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

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According to new research by Radiant Insights, the global outsourced customer care services market is forecast to exceed $84.5 billion by 2020, which means you can’t ignore its impact on your – and your competitors’ – business. If you’ve been considering outsourcing front- or back-office processes, whether customer care services, payroll, sales and marketing or […]

Health Care Call Center – Why Showing Compassion Is A Main Focus

The healthcare call centre is often a patient’s first stop in their health care journey, and when reaching out, they are commonly in a heightened emotional state. Whether they are calling for a referral, setting an appointment or inquiring about their coverage, a comforting voice on the other end of the line sets the tone […]

5 Benefits To Having Your Contact Center Connected

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Advanced contact centers apply technology to be more responsive and enhance quality Some contact centers function in isolation. They work from a single location and are disconnected from support. Our contact centers, however, are interconnected. This allows them to share calls, texts, and other essential customer communication. All advanced communication hubs have this capability. Make […]

7 Skills Every Contact Center Agent Should Have

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Contact center agents need training, but some companies provide more instruction than others Before they begin working and handling real calls from clients, all contact center agents require training. However, not all training is the same. In a rush to get agents on the schedule, some contact centers skimp on training. The results are less-than-ideal […]

The Evolution of Customer Service

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Customer care is a concept that has become an integral part of every business. Whether the business is selling products or services, having a well thought out customer care plan earns the business loyal customers.

Your Trusted Outsourced Call Center

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An outsourced call center is a great way to connect with your customers without having to overextend your in-house employees. By hiring a call center, your employees can excel in their abilities while leaving the customer relations aspect to us. Ansafone Contact Center has over 45 years of experience in several industries, including education, finance, […]

Protect your online reputation with ReviewSafe

  Every business understands the importance of their online reputation; it is the way that your customers and potential customers think of you. The trust and experience of customers should be given high regard by any firm that wishes to stay on top; because it will have a direct and profound effect on the company’s […]