Our Values – A Positive Team with a Family Spirit

*This is the second in a series about Ansafone’s core values – for more information on our core values, click here* Here we will be talking about keeping a positive team spirit. Agents who work in a positive environment that has a family spirit provide the best customer service A contact center is only as […]

Our Core Values – Serving as a Customer Advocate

Call center employees happily answering questions on the phone

*This is the first in a series of blog posts features the core values of Ansafone* A customer advocate puts the needs of contacts first and seeks to do their best for your business  What is a customer advocate? A customer advocate is someone who seeks a customer’s best interest. They may speak, plead, or […]

Is Your Contact Center a Strategic Business Partner or a Problem to Manage?

Five Outcomes that Great Contact Centers Produce for Their Clients   How do you view your contact center? Do you rely on them as your strategic business partner? Or have they emerged as a headache that you must manage? A contact center should never be a bad situation that you must deal with. After all, doesn’t […]

Is There a Difference Between Multichannel and Omnichannel?

multichannel call center

The multichannel versus omnichannel debate obscures the intent behind these words Many businesses talk about communication channels. While the telephone remains the default channel for most business communications, businesses shouldn’t dismiss other channels as trivial. Certainly, email leads the way as another way to communicate. It’s the preferred method for an increasing number of folks. […]