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What is BPO and Why Should My Business Utilize It? 

Business process outsourcing (BPO) has served as the backbone of the American manufacturing industry since the late 1800s. Modern developments in business practices have encouraged a range of industries. Information technology, financial services, healthcare, retail and education have all embraced contracting professional service providers.  The $135 billion outsourcing industry consists of dozens of services, such as

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24-7 call center

Top 10 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Contact Center Needs

Companies are increasingly choosing to outsource functions to outside expert providers. Professional contact centers deliver streamlined services, reliable technology and engaging customer experiences, which gives partner agencies a rare opportunity to simultaneously reduce operating costs and boost revenue. Here are 10 reasons why smart companies are choosing to partner with BPO companies that supply customer

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Quarter 4 Preparation

For many retail companies and other businesses, the fourth quarter is the most stressful time of year. During this hectic time, many customers are unsatisfied with their purchases. This causes an increase in calls made to customer support to resolve their issues. Despite their best efforts, some companies simply do not have enough staff to

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How Call Centers Help Capture Repeat Customers
24-7 call center

How Call Centers Capture Repeat Customers

With just one repeat customer generating as much revenue as six new customers, delivering quality customer experiences that breed loyalty is essential for companies to stay profitable in today’s competitive market. As a primary touchpoint with your brand, the contact center is an important bridge. This bridge builds the type of customer bonds that encourage

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Contact Center Best Practices

Call Center Best Practices

High-performing call centers understand that being innovative and employing industry best practices are the best ways to create efficient, productive, happy workplaces. BPO providers who aim to deliver value-added services and develop long-term partnerships must integrate these four call center best practices into their organizational philosophy and processes: Empower the Customer Service Representative The Contact

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Industry Awards and Affiliations

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