Social Media Integration Transforms Customer Experiences

Social Media Integration Transforms Call Center Customer Experiences

Social media has empowered consumers to seize control of the customer service experience. This is forcing companies to offer new ways of responding to queries about their products and services. Today’s online shoppers have many options for interacting with customer care agents. Such as through a company’s website, instant chat app or Facebook, Twitter and […]

How BPO Solutions Can Significantly Reduce Your Company’s Stress

How BPO Solutions Can Reduce Your Stress by X%

Outsourcing your call center operations provides a host of benefits. Including alleviating many of the financial and logistical concerns of running an efficient, effective customer relationship program. Here are four ways that BPO solutions can significantly reduce your company’s stress: Boost Your Staff Support Even with exceptional time management skills, overworked employees rarely have enough […]

Innovative Approaches to Improve Your BPO Call Center

Innovative Approaches to Improve Your BPO Call Center

In order to build a high-performance call center, you must set higher goals than simply streamlining operations and lowering costs. Today’s BPO call centers deliver industry expertise and business insights that help companies develop innovative customer care solutions. With the right BPO partner and a forward-thinking approach, your business will be poised to manage changing business […]

Things You Didn’t Know About Call Center Outsourcing

Things You Didn't Know About Call Center Outsourcing

With more than five decades as a formalized industry, call center outsourcing has evolved through a number of iterations. Although call centers have abandoned many outdated practices, such as call scripting and single-channel communication, there are many misconceptions that still persist about the industry. Here are four mythbusters that will make you reconsider everything you […]