Common Reasons Customers Have To Call Back

The Most Common Reasons Customers Call Back

When it comes to gauging the effectiveness of your BPO call center at delivering quality customer experiences, first call resolution (FCR) is the pinnacle metric. FCR tells you how well you are doing at resolving customers’ issues quickly and accurately. When there is a need for further follow-up, customer frustration occurs, which hurts the overall […]

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping

A customer journey map is a visual or graphical representation of the way the customer interacts with the website or the business. The illustration details the emotional and physical steps that the customer goes through when he or she engages with the company to fulfill a particular goal. The aim of the map is to […]

Most Efficient Ways to Manage Contact Center Solutions

Most Efficient Ways To Manage Contact Center Solitions

Efficiently managing contact center solutions is the only way to achieve your goal of balancing low costs-per-call with delivering valuable customer experiences during every interaction. Call center efficiency refers to the ratio of how well agents support customers in relation to the total amount of energy they expend completing the tasks. Operating an efficient contact […]