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Month: March 2020

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The Impact of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Customer Service

Technology is ever-evolving and a part of modern life.We, too, must evolve with it. No matter where you go today, AI ( artificial intelligence) is involved in our lives. From in-home devices such as Alexa and Cortona to smart refrigerators, there are marks of artificial intelligence everywhere. So, how does AI affect Ansafone Contact Centers

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Message from Our CEO, Randy Harmat of Ansafone Contact Centers

During these uncertain times, we all have experienced the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in every aspect of our lives. As we continue to monitor the daily changing environment, we continue to evaluate the impact it has on our business,  public and personal health and the safety of our customers, employees and partnerships. My heart

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Customer Experience and Responding with Empathy

In times of need such as a natural disaster or medical emergency, we all need someone to listen and be there for us. At Ansafone Call Centers, our agents are paired with the task of communicating with a wide variety of people with various personalities and unique needs. It is imperative that our agents are

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COVID-19: Announcement

At Ansafone, we are keenly aware of the potential impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and are taking steps to provide for the continuity of our services and the safety of our employees. Disaster preparedness is an integral part of our risk management program and includes a viable pandemic plan. Click here to read some of the features of the plan and actions we are taking.

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Data Metrics as a Competitive Edge for Ansafone

In the United States, there are over 7,400 call centers and how does Ansafone Contact Centers differentiate and compare? How can Ansafone make certain that we remain competitive in an ever-increasingly complex world? Businesses are finding more and more need to pay attention to and listen to their client’s needs and wants. And, Ansafone Contact

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Scaling and Preparing for Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are inevitable and it can be quite daunting to prepare for something that huge at a drop of a hat. From hurricanes to tornadoes to wildfires, more people than ever before are finding themselves in harm’s way. Because of these increases in these occurrences, it has become vital that call centers like Ansafone

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Industry Awards and Affiliations

Ready to start your next outsourcing project?

Ansafone’s expertise in the contact center industry can help you identify the multichannel customer engagement strategies that will boost client satisfaction and retention rates. Contact us at (800) 510-0514 for an in-depth consultation on how to strengthen your customer communication plan with a multichannel strategy.

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Client Testimonials

Home Health Care Company:
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“Ansafone always goes above and beyond! They are always professional and ensure all messages are properly handled. If I have any questions or concerns, I can always count on my representative Dave! Thank you for your excellent service.”
Donation Information Hotline:
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“I am highly impressed with the exceptional level of customer service, reporting and professionalism with Ansafone.  I have worked with them for many years and found them to be action oriented and focused on quality performance.”
TAS and Call Center Support:
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"We appreciate all you have done for us in the past and wish you all the best.  Please extend my thanks to Laural and everyone at Ansafone."
Energy & Utilities:
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"I would like to express gratitude on behalf of Marion County Solid Waste for the prompt and satisfactory service you have provided to us."
Healthcare /Orthopedics:
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"Honestly, everything has been wonderful... What is most impressive to my providers and myself is the knowledge that the agents answering the phones have... It makes our jobs so much easier."