Why Hiring a Virtual Receptionist Is Good For Your Business

Scaling a business is not easy. It requires great management, the right people, and the necessary roles to help it grow. Running a business requires a lot of work. Often, we see there is more work than hands. Hiring new employees is expensive, and the process can often be quite a hassle. New hires also […]

How To Keep a Positive Mindset While Working From Home

When your work environment changes, it can also affect your mindset and personal well-being especially working from home. We are well into the largest ‘work from home’ experiment that has ever been done. With most companies now having at least part of their workforce working remotely, we have learned a lot about how it affects […]

Tips for Client Communication Strategies During COVID-19

Communication is key for any business, and it has become increasingly more challenging during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to reach out to your customers and provide them with the information they need will help maintain relationships and connections. So how do you maintain this flow of information? Should you change your current communication […]

5 Tips to Increasing Productivity While Working Remotely

With our new Covid-19 condition, working from home has become the norm, but also comes with its challenges. While it may be fantastic for some people, for others it may be a struggle. Moving from an often rigidly- structured on-site model to a work from home means new structuring, scheduling, and work-flow now fall onto […]