Customizable Service Plans For Businesses

Deciding which contact center to partner with is a critical choice in determining the success of your business. The other major criteria is cost. How much a company spends on services can significantly impact resources available for other areas. Still, it can also affect the overall return on investment (ROI) that a company will see […]

Why A Contact Center is a Better Choice Than Voicemail

While many still use voicemail in their businesses today, it is somewhat outdated for great customer experience.  Even though it’s been around for many years and still in use by companies big and small, it is less than ideal for your customers. When customers call your company, many will expect the call to be picked […]

Acquire These Top 7 Customer Service Skills

Being in customer service is an art of balancing multiple skillsets all at once. A great customer service department starts with highly-skilled customer service agents. When a person is working in customer service, a variety of skills are required to respond correctly and handle difficult issues with grace and excellent people skills. While having a […]

Reasons Why Law Firms Are Outsourcing Customer Service

One of the growing necessities of legal practices is outsourcing customer service. The reasons are plentiful and beneficial for any legal practice looking to scale and utilize their time wisely. Running a legal practice is a complex and ever-changing task that requires staff to multitask and manage multiple roles. As businesses seek to reduce stress […]