Do Small Businesses Benefit from a Call Center?

As a small business, you may assume that a call center is not a proper fit for you. But one of the biggest challenges to your small business is your size. Yes, you can cut out the red tape and be more flexible than some of the more prominent names, but sometimes it makes you […]

Missed Calls and Their Effects

Many companies make the mistake of assuming missed calls are not vital to their business. Given that there is a lot of emphasis on digital communication in our modern world, it is easy to assume that these phone calls are not important since you can rely on social media and email. However, when you look […]

The Role of Quality Assurance

Many companies rely on call centers to help field inbound calls and execute the right outbound strategy that is both friendly and helpful while handling all customer communication for the company.  This task is a tall order for any call center. Being able to provide excellent customer service while being the face of a business […]

The Effects of COVID-19 on Business in 2021

Covid-19 has changed much of what the world sees as normal. With many people having to work from home and others losing their jobs, many consumers’ spending habits have changed. This change in habits will force many companies to change the way they conduct business as well. There are many ways that Covid-19 will affect […]