How To Improve Brand Reputation With 24/7 Customer Support

The best way to improve your brand reputation is to provide exceptional customer service to anyone who works with you. While it would be nice to handle all the customer service on your own, this is just not possible. With the help of 24/7 customer support, it’s how to improve brand reputation where you can […]

Emerging Technology and AI in the Contact Center Industry

Emerging Technology And AI in the Contact Center Industry

The contact center industry has seen a big growth in the demand for their services. As such, they invest a lot of money in different technology and AI options to ensure they can get the job done efficiently. Some of the different emerging technology and AI available in this industry includes: EQ From Top-Down One […]

Customer Information Security in a Call Center

Customer Information Security in a Call Center

When you trust a call center, you need to know they will keep the information about your customers safe. Many companies have industry standards when it comes to the information they hold onto about their customers and if the call center does not maintain these standards, it will cause a lot of problems for you […]

Secondary Benefits of Partnering with a Call Center

Call Center Secondary Benefits

Companies that decide to work with a call center will find that it is a great decision for them. They make sure that all customer inquiries are handled well without a problem while they can focus on helping any customers that come directly into the business. It works out well for both the customer and […]

5 Best Practices for Insurance Call Centers

Besides following insurance call center best practices, BPO providers specializing in the insurance industry will strengthen their client relationships and deliver on their promise to implement effective customer relationship strategies by applying these five best practices for optimizing an insurance contact center: Strengthen security protocols to prevent fraud According to the FBI, the insurance industry […]