Oral Healthcare Company Required Outbound Calling Service to Alert Members and Providers in Different Time Zones of Authorization Results

Problem A dental healthcare company manages dental insurance plans for Americans across multiple states. The company required an outbound calling service to provide authorization results to members and providers of contracted dental plans. Members and providers would need to be alerted as to whether authorization was approved or denied. Search for a Solution The dental […]

Bilingual Support is a Customer Service Necessity in 2021

Customer support in the US can no longer survive by tailoring only to English customers. Today, Spanish-speaking people make up a large percentage of Americans. Many of these people speak Spanish natively and do not speak fluent English. Your call center must offer bilingual support to all potential callers, regardless of language.  Foreign-language customers deserve […]

5 Ways a Virtual Receptionist Can Improve Your Bottom Line

A company’s receptionist performs valuable duties such as fielding important phone calls and scheduling appointments. Having a skilled receptionist is a must for a company to stay organized and succeed. However, utilizing a virtual receptionist rather than an in-house receptionist can improve your company’s bottom line.  A virtual receptionist will perform the same duties as […]

How Customizable Scripts Improve Your Customer Service

Contact centers field many calls per day. Utilizing customizable scripts is a significant way to improve a contact center’s customer service because they allow agents to keep calls brief and to the point. When customer calls go long, it damages an agent’s productivity score. Scripts not only improve this score, but they improve the customer […]

The Importance of Agent Training for a Successful Contact Center

For a business and its contact center to be successful, its agents must have adequate training. Contact center agents field a high volume of calls regarding various subjects and departments. Each agent must have the training to handle these calls accurately and efficiently. If agent training is not prioritized, callers can become frustrated, causing a […]