Modernize Your Customer Experience by Utilizing a Contact Center

In today’s world, customers will no longer accept outdated and inconvenient businesses practices. To thrive, businesses must modernize the customer experience to keep customers happy. Modern customers want modern solutions that offer them the solutions they want with easy-to-use interfacing. Fortunately, utilizing a contact center can provide your business with options that it might not […]

Is Outsourcing Customer Service Really Worth It?

In the business world, owners must choose whether to handle customer service in-house or outsource to a third-party contact center. Today, many companies decide to outsource their customer service department, but is it worth it? Yes, outsourcing customer service to a contact center is a smart business move.  Outsourcing customer service can save your business […]

Is Live Chat Taking Over as Customers’ Preferred Contact Method?

Customers have begun choosing live chat as their preferred customer service contact method. Live chat has been available for decades, but in today’s technological age, it is surpassing other forms of communication. In 2021, customers prefer chatting with a live customer service agent over calling, emailing, and social media.  Live chat offers customers a quick, […]

Hand in Hand: How Contact Centers and Artificial Intelligence Work Together

Call center technology advances with the times to prioritize customer and client needs. In the modern age, artificial intelligence (AI) is a staple in the business world. AI is also present in the day-to-day operations of contact centers where it shapes customer satisfaction and business analytics.  AI aids contact center operations to produce the most […]

What Is Brand Perception and Why It Matters

Brand perception is crucial to the success of a business because it sets the tone for future progress. In today’s dynamic world, consumers share their experiences with peers and friends. They reflect these experiences across social media channels and the entire world via the internet. As a result, a single unpleasant experience can often destroy […]

Healthcare Audit Company Needed to Outsource Survey Calls for Different California Health Plans

Problem A healthcare auditing company works to keep healthcare partners compliant with state and local regulations. The healthcare company’s audit duties require the administration of surveys to medical providers for different health plans specific to California. The healthcare auditing company did not have the tools and resources allotted to handle this inbound and outbound calling. […]