Why Voicemail Is No Longer Preferred 

While voicemail was once a groundbreaking means of communication and contact, it is no longer the preferred method for most customers today. Your business’s customers have far more options today than ever before, which has caused voicemail to fall behind as an underwhelming and inefficient contact method.  If you currently rely on in-house voicemail to […]

How Outsourcing Calls Can Help with Staff Shortages

With so many businesses in the US experiencing staff shortages, outsourcing calls is a helpful solution. A professional, experienced contact center can handle your company’s calls while alleviating the burden of labor gaps and understaffed departments. Consider outsourcing your company’s calls to an outside call answering service.  Call answering and screening is a key component […]

Utilizing Live Chat As a Construction Company 

In today’s modern world, many people prefer to do most of their research online. This includes researching companies for potential sales and business transactions. A common feature among many websites is live chat. Live chat allows website visitors and contact center agents to chat in real-time with potential customers and website visitors.  Live chat is […]