5 Benefits To Having Your Contact Center Connected

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Advanced contact centers apply technology to be more responsive and enhance quality

Some contact centers function in isolation. They work from a single location and are disconnected from support. Our contact centers, however, are interconnected. This allows them to share calls, texts, and other essential customer communication. All advanced communication hubs have this capability. Make sure yours does.

Interconnected contact centers are more efficient in handling your customers’ calls. Plus, they also enjoy the essential element of backup capacity. For our contact center clients, this provides some key benefits a single-location facility can’t touch. These include:

Call Overflow: When two contact centers are connected, communication from one can automatically reroute to the other if things get busy. A single location operation lacks this basic overflow option. This means they have no backup when things get busy. However, their communication queue does backup; customers suffer. Responses to customers are delayed and effective communication is hampered. This risk is minimized when two operations can work together.

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Multiple Labor Markets: When interconnected facilities exist in different labor markets, hiring agents can occur in either location as appropriate. This is ideal when one labor market has higher wage expectations or if there’s a shortage of qualified workers. These situations are common, but with interconnected contact centers, employees can be hired in the other labor market. This helps meet staffing needs in a cost-effective manner. As a result the answering service can better control the cost of their service and hire the most qualified agents.

Time Zone Flexibility: Another benefit of having interconnected contact centers occurs when the facilities exist in different time zones. This allows the combined operation to better serve its clients. For example, agents working in the Eastern time zone can handle early morning West Coast communication. Conversely agents in the Pacific time zone can better handle late evening calls from the East Coast. An added scheduling benefit occurs by allowing these answering centers to cross-schedule staff to work around typical lunch and dinner breaks. This provides a smoother level of staffing, which a single location operation can’t match.

Disaster Preparedness: These first three benefits—the ability to overflow calls, tap multiple labor markets, and have scheduling flexibility—serve to provide a higher level of service to clients both in terms of responsiveness and quality.

But a more critical benefit surfaces in the event of a natural disaster or man-made catastrophe. Quite simply, if one facility is affected, communication can automatically reroute to the other location. This produces contact center resiliency that happens when two operations are connected. While we hope these scenarios don’t occur, it’s nice to know there’s a disaster recovery plan in place and ready to kick in if needed.

Peace of Mind: When we combine these things, we see that using an interconnected contact center offers peace of mind. And with the importance customers place in timely and accurate communication, you can’t afford a misstep. You need a contact center that has the flexibility to adjust as needed and automatically route communication to where it can best be handled. You need an interconnected contact center operation.


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