5 Things You Should Be Looking for When Researching BPO Companies 

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Outsourcing call center services is one of the most effective ways that companies can streamline services, boost productivity and reduce overhead costs while increasing revenue. However, achieving these exciting results depends entirely on selecting the right BPO partner for your company. When researching prospective outsourcing providers, it is critical that you consider these five qualities:  
Proven Industry Experience 
Evaluate the company’s business reputation by researching online reviews, paying close attention to ratings for professionalism and reliability. You want a partner who is in an expert in business process outsourcing, customer relationship management and customer retention. A company with a long history that is committed to evolving with emerging technologies is better equipped to adapt to changing customer demands and contact center processes.  
A reputable BPO company’s website should document its proven industry experience. Look for awards and respected affiliations, recent blog content and success stories, case studies and examples. Once you have narrowed down your top choices, you’ll want to ask the provider for references from recent and current clients. You should also ask to listen in on a few calls to verify firsthand the contact center’s professionalism.  
Specialized, Scalable BPO Services 
BPO providers offer a mix of business process outsourcing functions, so it is important that you select someone who has expertise with the customer management strategies that your company uses. Additionally, you want a company that has deep experience in your industry. Healthcare, banking and retail have specialized needs that require knowledge of industry regulations, best practices and standard software.  
A BPO provider that offers a comprehensive line of services is in a stronger position to support the growth of your business. A partner who is flexible and well-equipped to seamlessly scale up and down can help you quickly meet the fluctuating needs of your market. Additionally, a company that integrates full inbound and outbound contact center services with email, live chat and social media monitoring is able to serve as a unified voice across all your customer interaction channels.  
Reliability and Data Security Procedures 
An outsourcing firm’s ability to provide reliable BPO services depends entirely on the technology that it uses. Pay close attention to the company’s integrated IT infrastructure, quality certifications, equipment and tech processes. Since you are entrusting someone else with sensitive information, you also want to understand the company’s privacy policies and procedures for keeping customers’ data secure. Data should be protected and reliably stored, and clear plans for service interruptions and disaster recovery should already be developed. Verify that the company’s employees receive extensive background checks to ensure trustworthy people are representing your company to customers.  
Metrics Focused 
A BPO provider who is data-driven demonstrates its commitment to consistently delivering high-quality services. Research on a company should include performance stats on average wait times, retention rates, collection rates, and dropped calls. Your BPO partner should also know how to leverage metrics to uncover hidden insights on what you are doing well, what needs improvement and where potential new streams of revenue exist. This knowledge frames what is needed to grow into a stronger company. An experienced BPO provider also understands how to identify measurable business outcomes that support your outsourcing goals for increased customer satisfaction, higher employee retention, improved cost efficiencies, faster customer acquisition and stronger financial performance.  
Transparent, Value-Focused Contracts 
Above all, you want to pick a BPO provider who is invested in developing a long-term relationship and is focused on delivering value. A dedicated account manager should work with you to understand how to integrate your company’s routines, task processes and escalation policies into its current BPO procedures. Processes must be transparent, and communication must be timely. Before signing a BPO contract, you want to thoroughly review it for hidden costs. A trustworthy partner will show its commitment to staying within your defined budget by identifying the best tasks for you to outsource or manage in-house. 

Industry Awards and Affiliations

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