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How are Answering Services Different from Call Centers?

In order to understand the answering service solutions we offer, it is important to understand the goal, and how these service differ from those of a call center. While both call centers and answering services may have the same goal – resolving customer issues – the kinds of issues they receive, and the way they need to be handled, may differ. With answering services, in many cases, the representative receiving the call must handle an emergency situation, and needs to be able to think on their feet. Thus, an answering service must employ well-trained and highly capable agents who are prepared to deal with calls presenting completely different situations, where each call presents a new problem not amenable to being solved simply by following a script.

With a call center, on the other hand, the customer issues presented may be different in nature – not a life-threatening or business-threatening emergency, usually. Call center agents usually handle items such as helping to resolve questions about a customer’s bill, their services, etc, or to help explain how the programs and services work for them.

Thus, call centers often operate on a two-level basis. The first level, that of a customer service associate, is to answer customer calls and handle any variety of issues that may come up, such as explaining how your services work, and basic research into the caller’s account.

Beyond that level, however, are supervisors or “tier 2” associates who handle escalated issues. These associates are specifically trained in de-escalation techniques, and are empowered with additional responsibilities and skills to represent your company to the best of their ability. In this fashion, Ansafone acts as your company, and with your company’s reputation in mind, instead of “just” as an answering service.

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