Top 10 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Contact Center Needs

top 10 benefits of out sourcing your contact center needs

Top 10 benefits of outsourcing your call center

Companies are increasingly choosing to outsource functions to outside expert providers. Professional contact centers deliver streamlined services, reliable technology and engaging customer experiences, which gives partner agencies a rare opportunity to simultaneously reduce operating costs and boost revenue. Here are 10 reasons why smart companies are choosing to partner with BPO companies that supply customer service assistance, telemarketing outreach, IT troubleshooting and help desk support: 

Concentrate on core competencies1) Concentrate on Core Competencies 

Whether your business focuses on delivering financial services, information technology or healthcare management or you excel at creating widgets, professional contact centers have the resources to smoothly handle your administrative and customer engagement tasks. We are process payments, verify account details, set appointments or recover forgotten passwords. Your specialized staff is free to focus on developing your company’s core competencies. 

2) Tap Specialized Industry Knowledge 

When you don’t have in-house knowledge for a specific business function, outsourcing is more cost-effective than trying to figure it out on your own. In addition to having a deep understanding of current best practices in customer service, professional contact center agents receive extensive training in specific industries. Healthcare teams understand the critical importance of HIPAA laws, PCI-certified, and SOC 2 certified call centers to safeguard customers’ sensitive financial information and tech-savvy reps easily navigate a multichannel communication system. 

3) Create Consistent Experiences Across Communication Channels 

Many companies struggle with creating a unified experience across their many customer engagement channels. The front desk might answer a phone call. The marketing department might respond to an email. The IT department might intercept a website form. By hiring a dedicated partner, you have a single voice acting as your brand ambassador. This strategy makes you better equipped to deliver consistent experiences across your entire customer management plan. 

4) Expand Upsell and Cross-Sell Opportunities 

A dedicated workforce who understands how to engage with customers and knows your products is in an exceptional position to sell complementary items or higher-quality versions. Professional call centers also utilize sophisticated software to acquire customer intelligent data. This can predict current needs and future buying behaviors. These marketing techniques drive up single-transaction totals. They also encourage repeat business because the customer knows they will get what they need.

Enjoy cost-sharing savings5) Enjoy Cost-Sharing Savings 

Recent research reveals that decreasing expenses is the main motivator for outsourcing. Offering customers the multichannel communication options they now demand puts an enormous strain on financial resources. You must maintain equipment hardware, develop new software, provide office facilities and hire staff with an array of specific skills. Contact centers have already invested in these necessities. They are able to pass the savings from their client-sharing model on to you. A Duke University study identified 6 in 10 Fortune 500 companies saving more than 30 percent annually by outsourcing. (find and link to this survey)

6) Decrease Cost-Per-Contact 

Delegating your contact center services gives you the flexibility to pay only for the services that you need and only when you need them. Contracts are typically transactional or hourly-based, so you don’t waste money during low-volume times, which reduces your overall cost-per-call. Call centers also employ highly sophisticated metrics systems and performance evaluation tools, which are continually analyzed, to reduce the cost of the contact center. 

7) Easily Scale Up When Needed 

With ample staff on board, call centers can quickly ramp up for seasonal fluctuations or major marketing campaigns and then seamlessly scale back down to normal operations. It is truly a hassle-free process. These types of fluctuations in house create a tremendous amount of chaos and stress. A professional contact center utilizes tools to forecast staffing, infrastructure and facility needs ensuring your operations always run smoothly. 

8) Identify Your Strengths and Weakness 

The modern contact center uses a variety of metrics to evaluate efficiency, productivity and customer engagement. These insights not only provide clear signs of what areas could be improved to increase customer satisfaction. They also shine a light on which practical changes can reduce costs. With the right analytics, you might even uncover potential new revenue streams. 

9) Provide Better Customer Service 

Customers expect to reach your company around the clock, but it is unrealistic to stay on standby when call volumes are low. Outsourcing contact center needs means that customers are always greeted by a friendly voice guiding them to a resolution on first contact. When problems need further attention, customers receive reassurance that their issue will be handled as soon as possible. 

10) Strengthen Customer Loyalty 

The importance of excellent customer service has never been clearer: Nearly three-quarters of consumers have switched companies after receiving poor customer service. When you are able to engage with each customer during every step of the journey, you build the foundation for long-term loyalty. Outsourcing your contact center needs helps you deliver upon the promise to supply what your customers need when they need it. 

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