BPO: The Ultimate Tactic for Saving Money

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Organizations looking to drive down costs while improving customer efficiencies, employee productivity and customer satisfaction understand that strategically using outside resources is a smart business practice. By leveraging the help of a business process outsourcing (BPO) firm, you not only optimize working capital but also strengthen your market position. Consider these three reasons why BPO is the ultimate tactic for saving money and increasing customer efficiencies:

Reduce Overhead Costs, Drive Up Revenue

With the right BPO plan in place, your company should realize an immediate decrease in overhead costs. You are no longer responsible for recruiting, hiring, training and supervising a first-rate customer service team. Variable costs associated with employee turnover and updated technologies are now fixed costs that you pay to your BPO firm. Collaborating with a professional contact center allows you to seamlessly and affordably scale up services when the market demands it without needing to invest in additional assets.

While reducing your financial responsibilities, business process outsourcing provides a handful of long-term benefits. For example, on average, companies realize a 10 to 15 percent revenue boost and a 20 percent jump in customer satisfaction when experiences are unified across the customer journey. This represents tremendous room for growth since a mere 1 percent improvement in first-call resolution equals an estimated $276,000 savings in annual costs for operating a call center. This shift in business operations gives you the ability to explore other revenue streams, propelling you toward growing at a faster pace, driving up revenue and boosting shareholder values.

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Boost Customer Efficiencies

Customer experience (CX) is quickly becoming a key competitive differentiator. Your ability to deliver consistent quality experiences throughout the entire customer relationship lifecycle depends entirely on your success in guiding customers to a positive resolution in the fewest steps possible. A BPO provider can help you develop efficient workflows that streamline customer interactions and leverage cost-effective software and hardware tools that maximize customer service productivity.

By outsourcing administrative and customer care functions, your organization’s internal employees can focus on strengthening your core business activities. As a public representative of your company, BPO providers understand the importance of serving as a seamless extension of your brand. BPO teams are assembled based on their expertise in your industry and receive extensive training in your brand messages, company processes and goals for customer interactions.

Innovative Solutions for Long-Term Success

Partnering with a BPO provider also gives your company a competitive edge by keeping you lean and sharp. High-performing companies utilize service providers who excel at delivering innovative ideas that strengthen long-term operational efficiencies, management processes and strategic performance. This might involve introducing a bilingual program for inbound customer support, restructuring a company’s Net Promoter Score philosophy or using systematic skill profiling to find the ideal customer service representatives. It might involve using analytics to predict customers’ needs and forecast order volumes, adding new key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve fill rates and turnaround times or leveraging improved technologies to automate processes.

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