Emergency Medical Dispatch Services

Efficiently handling urgent calls requires a specific expertise. Calm, quick and accurate dispatch services are critical in emergency medical situations. Ansafone delivers the reliable emergency medical dispatch services your organization needs to ensure that you have the right personnel and resources in place at the right time.

24-Hour Medical Answering Service

We partner with hospitals, urgent care centers, police services, fire stations and ambulance units to field and dispatch incoming calls around the clock. An emergency medical dispatch expert, Ansafone’s 24-hour medical answering service is staffed by compassionate agents who give each caller the considerable concern that they deserve. With empathy, agents document the call and take charge to resolve the problem in a professional and time-efficient manner.

Our medical answering services are designed to support your organization’s specific needs. We can back up 911 dispatch call centers by picking up overflow or overnight calls, or our experienced agents can fully oversee entire emergency medical dispatch operations. U.S.-based bilingual agents are coached to follow your personalized scripting and specified protocols for escalating an emergency call to the proper personnel. They also receive training in how to identify a true medical emergency dispatch from other situations that require a non-emergency response.

No Missed Calls Here

A strategic partnership with a medical answering service allows you to refocus limited resources on increasing your outreach, expanding your expert staff and reducing your liability for missed calls. Every contact is carefully documented and seamlessly integrated into third-party applications or custom software programs. Our account management team can implement service adjustments in near real-time to account for large call volumes, or we can apply planned schedule changes that automatically adjust for specific times of the day, week or holidays.

Industry Awards and Affiliations

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Ansafone’s medical answering service offers smart solutions for reducing overhead costs, supporting company growth and improving caller satisfaction. Contact an emergency medical dispatch account manager at (800) 510-0514 to learn how we can strengthen the support services for your 911 dispatch center.

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