How Call Centers Help Capture Repeat Customers

How Call Centers Help Capture Repeat Customers

How Call Centers Help Capture Repeat CustomersWith just one repeat customer generating as much revenue as six new customers, delivering quality customer experiences that breed loyalty is essential for companies to stay profitable in today’s competitive market. As a primary touchpoint with your brand, the contact center is an important bridge. This bridge builds the type of customer bonds that encourage extra sales.

Provide Constant Connections

Being available to customers when they need you establishes a level of trust that keeps them coming back. In fact, 8 in 10 consumers say they are willing to pay more and return often if they know the company will provide a positive experience. Outsourcing your customer service program to a BPO contact center means buyers are always able to connect with a problem solver whether it is a 2 a.m. or Christmas day. Multiple outreach options such as live chat channels and SMS texting are key. These options allow customers to find you on the platform they are using at the moment. Engaging in real-time conversations and being available when your competitors are not makes customers feel valued. This deepens their loyalty to your products.

Deliver Efficient Solutions

Similarly, 8 in 10 customers return to a business that quickly and appropriately addresses their concerns. This means proper complaint handling is essential to nurturing lifelong relationships with repeat customers. Call center agents are trained to efficiently identify the issue and have the resources needed to close the service ticket. This reinforces your image as a great company. Customers want to continue doing business with efficient, reliable companies. BPO call centers use several strategies to achieve first call resolution (FCR), including mapping out intuitive IVR menus that direct customers to the right problem solver and using intelligent software tools that gather customer data to streamline service calls.


Personalize Customer Service Interactions

Contact centers train agents to ask the right questions and use sophisticated CRM software. This integrates customer data across all communication channels. They can also monitor social media and online review sites.  They keep track of what customers are saying about your company and its products. These details are used to make each interaction more meaningful and to direct the buying journey. This results in a level of personalization that creates a natural rapport and establishes trust. With this foundation, you will gain more successful conversion rates, higher satisfaction scores and repeat purchases. Your company can also use this data several ways. Such as to tailor shopping experiences and promotions that make customers feel appreciated enough. Appreciation earns brand advocates, faithful supporters, and repeat customers. 

Expert Sales Force

Upsells and cross-sells are among the highest drivers that influence purchase decisions. A contact center that excels at collecting customer data and integrating this information into the CRM system is able to offer customers exactly what they need when they need it. Customer care agents routinely increase shopper retention when offering genuine suggestions about higher-end products that provide more benefits or providing recommendations for add-on products that enhance the original purchase. Customer service specialists receive ongoing training  and are given in-depth details about your company’s latest products and promotions.


Reward Customer LoyaltyReward Customer Loyalty

By partnering with an outbound contact center, you are able to implement a proactive retention program. This program captures repeat customers even when they are not ready to buy. You can drive profitability by reaching out to customers that you have not heard from in a while, who have abandoned their purchase or when their seasonal shopping spree rolls around. Offering exclusive promotional discounts and shopping events is a great way to reward loyal customers and encourage them to buy again.

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