Call Outsourcing and Beyond: the Smart Business Choice

Gone are the days of pushing a button and forwarding calls to an answering service where an operator sits and takes messages all night. Today, call outsourcing is truly a way of offering your customers your services around the clock without having to add extra employees to your payroll.

If you are considering call outsourcing, it is probably because your call volume has become difficult for you to manage with your current situation. To efficiently address that problem in-house, you need to hire and train additional employees to answer the phones and assist your customers. You may also need to consider expanding the number of hours the phones are manned.

Do these changes require your offices to now run longer hours, contributing to larger electric and phone bills? Does your current phone system have the capability to handle the larger call volume or additional agents answering the calls, or do you need to have a new system installed? These and other potentially costly concerns will need to be measured.

For an easier approach, you might consider turning to professional contact center solutions, such as those offered by Ansafone. With over forty years in the business, Ansafone is an American call center provider which understands the importance of being available to your customers, day or night, in order to keep them happy and doing business with you.

Beyond Call Outsourcing

With the advances in technology, you have more than phone calls to consider. Many customers use email to ask questions or to give feedback on your product or service. These emails can easily become lost or overlooked without a system in place to address and respond to them.

Additionally, social media is another outlet customers use to express their pleasure or displeasure with a company. The last thing you need is an angry customer venting on Facebook and causing a firestorm of posts regarding your company. Our agents are proficient in social media management and can monitor posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. Many times, addressing an upset customer’s complaint right away can nip it in the bud and save you a lot of time and money.

Another popular communication choice for customers or potential customers is live chat. Consumers are sometimes drawn to the anonymity of live chat, as well as the convenience. They can chat online while at work and no one can overhear them, or late at night when the rest of the house is asleep and a phone call would be a hassle. Live chat can handle issues from product or billing questions to providing support or setting appointments.

When looking at call center outsourcing companies, make sure you choose a business which offers more than just call outsourcing; choose one that can interact with your customers across multiple media outlets. Ansafone Contact Centers has the perfect multi-channel contact center solution for your business—contact us today to see how it works!

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