Health Care Call Center – Why Showing Compassion Is A Main Focus

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The healthcare call centre is often a patient’s first stop in their health care journey, and when reaching out, they are commonly in a heightened emotional state. Whether they are calling for a referral, setting an appointment or inquiring about their coverage, a comforting voice on the other end of the line sets the tone for the entire patient experience that follows.


Medical practices have historically tasked call centers with fielding complaints and handling menial administrative duties. However, overburdened in-house staffers, who are picking up ringing phones in between visiting patients, rarely have the time to invest in understanding what the caller really needs. One of the easiest ways to enhance customer satisfaction in health care is to deliver exceptional assisted service on first contact. When patients speak with representatives who are compassionate and knowledgeable during these sensitive situations, your organization demonstrates professionalism and delivers on its promise to provide quality patient care.

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Optimizing Operations to Significantly Improve Service


Creating a safe patient experience requires call center agents to fully understand the issue, treat the caller with respect and supply accurate details. A rushed conversation, an accidental disconnect or endless redirects not only cost your organization customers but can also prevent patients from getting the life-saving medical help that they need. A study reported in Becker’s Hospital Review found that 90 percent of hospitals delivered such poor assistance in identifying care options that callers were discouraged from ever going back to that facility. In contrast, a streamlined call center can improve practice efficiency, increase patient scheduling and strengthen your community referral network.


Creating Moments for Meaningful Interactions


In order to create exceptional patient experiences, customer service representatives working in the health care industry must focus on engaging with patients. Although locations of local medical clinics and physician reviews are easily found online, not everyone is tech-savvy or has access to technology services. Many people prefer to speak to a live person to confirm their understanding of their insurance coverage, get quick advice about an ailment, access personal information or discuss options for appointment times.


Customer service representatives should be patient and courteous when answering common questions and must always go the extra mile to quickly resolve any issue that a customer is calling about. Ansafone call center agents receive extensive training about your company so that they have the knowledge to direct patients to available resources and self-service features. They even serve as brand ambassadors for your organization by consistently reinforcing your caring and compassionate messages across all channels.


Facilitating a Seamless Patient Journeydental call center


When providing patients with multiple channels for contacting your company, it is critical that the experience is seamless from beginning to end. Frustration grows when patients have to continually provide their information or repeat their problem as they move along the chain of communication to get their questions answered or problems resolved. In an industry study by Accenture, 58 percent of respondents reported feeling frustrated by inconsistent interactions between channels. As the amount of platforms increases, the number of unsatisfied consumers continues to rise.


A health care call center already has the resources in place to create a consistent multi-channel experience for your patients. A dedicated team that is responsible for managing all the channels reduces the complexities of patients starting a live chat online and then calling an agent to continue the conversation. At each touchpoint, agents collect data that is then passed on to the next agent. This access to the patient’s previous interactions diminishes inconsistencies, enables agents to quickly resolve issues and even empowers reps to anticipate the caller’s next request. Delivering this high level of service along the patient’s health care journey improves your quality of service while also decreasing the volume of redundant calls coming into your office.


Ansafone’s health care call center is the critical link to fulfilling your promise for high standards of care. Contact an experienced account manager at (800) 510-0514 to discover how our compassionate call center agents can help you provide patients with superior customer service during some of the most sensitive moments in their lives.

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