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Collaborating with a healthcare outbound call center is often the key resource in implementing successful patient engagement and retention strategies. You build credibility as a quality provider every time you promptly answer patients’ calls, remind them of their upcoming appointments, provide accurate information about their health benefits and follow through on your medical authorizations. Preventable medical errors originate 86 percent of the time from the administrative level. Ansafone relieves the burden of constant interruptions that often cause front office staff to shift their focus from critical tasks.

As your healthcare call center partner, Ansafone implements a broad scope of services to boost healthcare member retention rates, including:


When you partner with our healthcare outbound call center, you can boost your health plan member retention. That’s because we will provide you with the crucial connection between you and your members. For example, staying in contact with them during the early phases of contact gives them the opportunity to ask questions and gain information about the program. This enables them to see the value of their membership immediately and feel more secure about it. When it comes to recruitment and retention in healthcare, an outbound call center can be one of your strongest resources.

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Ansafone’s healthcare retention strategies also include proactive outbound campaigns. We have considerable experience assisting with renewals for Healthy Kids & Families initiatives and supporting health plan enrollment programs throughout the nation. Our U.S.-based healthcare call centers also focus on bringing patients through your doors. Health facilities lose an estimated $150 billion annually due to missed appointments. Booking just one extra appointment per patient annually can represent a tremendous growth opportunity for your clinic this year and could be the solution to your long-term stability in the community.

With more than a decade of experience in healthcare and Medicare member retention, our extensive capabilities extend to providing a robust analytics system that helps you to gain a deeper understanding of your patients’ habits and preferences. Our HIPAA-compliant call center staffs trained agents around the clock to address your patient’s concern.

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