Energy and Utilities Customer Care Outsourcing

A blackout, a broken pipe or a dead telephone line can put your customers in immediate danger, so providing reliable customer support in the energy and utilities sector is critical to ensuring public safety. Utility customers also require prompt and courteous support when they reach out to arrange monthly payments, report equipment failures or dispute a charge. Additionally, whether you are a regulated or unregulated provider, offering customers outstanding call center service channels is the differentiator you need to capture a larger market share.

Efficient Energy and Utilities Customer Care Services

Ansafone is a full-service BPO call center services provider with extensive experience in the residential, commercial and industrial energy and utilities industry. Delivering top-tier customer answering services, our trained agents answer billing inquiries, process monthly payments, schedule start and stop services, provide energy rebate information and support appliance repair programs. Our energy and utilities customer care contact centres are equipped with the latest technology to route outage calls, support emergency dispatching, resolve common technical glitches and setup streamlined self-service IVR systems.

Energy and Utilities Customer Care Agent

Need Outbound Services?

We also offer a range of outbound call center services to enhance your energy and utilities customer care program, including issuing disconnect warnings, handling late payment collections and sending out appointment reminders. Our broadcast function allows you to quickly notify customers about scheduled maintenance, updated services or planned service interruptions. Retailers specializing in selling energy-related products utilize our call center services to conduct market research, follow up with potential leads, guide direct sales initiatives and generate customer satisfaction feedback.

Industry Awards and Affiliations

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Based in California and Florida, our multilingual agents deliver fluent English and Spanish services to your diverse customer base. Whether they reach out by phone, email, social media or live chat, your customers have access to a knowledgeable agent around the clock. Contact Ansafone at (800) 510-0514 to speak with an account manager experienced in streamlining process efficiencies for energy and utilities customer care programs.

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