Clinical Trial Outsourcing

Recruiting, screening, onboarding, retaining and following up with participants in clinical trials is a time-consuming process that often strains the limited budgets that most studies are bound by. Ansafone’s expertise in providing medical contact center services means we have the tools and technological systems to maximize the efficiencies in the entire clinical trials process so that you are able to meet critical deadlines.

Trust Your Clinical Trials with Ansafone

clinical trial outsourcing agent

Clinical trial outsourcing to healthcare call center services ensures that your study does not fall behind due to an inadequate number of qualified patients. We can oversee your entire patient recruitment and retention campaign, which allows your clinical survey administrators to focus their expert attention on conducting the study. Your dedicated team of clinical trial outsourcing agents is trained in how to:

  • Appropriately respond to initial inquiries that are generated from advertisements so that you do not miss capturing a single patient. Customers can reach us by such advanced channels as SMS-text and webchat.
  • Accurately assess participants to determine their conditional eligibility for the trial.
  • Schedule screening visits and follow-up appointments for patients at their closest study site.

A Seamless Integration

Ansafone’s medical call center services seamlessly integrate with your existing study management tools to deliver real-time access to data directly from our clinical trial call center. Our agents collect the patient data determined by your specified protocols and generate database updates, progress reports and supporting documentation to ensure that valid data is available for timely trial completion. Our clinical trial outsourcing responsibilities extend to providing marketing analytics that pinpoint specific markets where successfully recruited study participants originated.

Industry Awards and Affiliations

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Partnering with Ansafone's contact center services allows you to exceed the compliance standards for HIPAA and IRB best practices in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. We have the tools in place to support worldwide clinical trials and their constantly evolving protocols. Contact us at (800) 510-0514 to discover how the Ansafone clinical trials call center can help you successfully launch and complete your next breakthrough research project.