Insurance claims Outsourcing

During times of crisis, stressed policyholders need support from a customer contact centre that demonstrates compassion, provides straightforward answers and works diligently to find a quick resolution. Underwriters who partner with insurance claims outsourcing providers are better equipped to deliver customer-centric services that nurture lifelong trust while also streamlining internal procedures to reduce confusion, cycle time and expenses.

Are You Ready For a Disaster?

When disaster strikes due to theft, an accident or bad weather, policyholders need to know that they can count on their insurer to handle their claims with competence and care. The latest J.D. Power U.S. Insurance Shopping Study points to brand reputation, product quality and transparent communication as the determining factors in customers choosing to renew their policies.

First Notice of Loss (FNOL)

One of the defining moments in customer satisfaction occurs during First Notice of Loss (FNOL) when policyholders are frantically seeking answers about coverage. It is essential that customers are able to reach a sympathetic agent at any hour of the day who can provide comfort while competently guiding them through this emotionally vulnerable moment.

It is just as critical for insurers to thoroughly and accurately collect as much data as possible during an FNOL call to ensure effective claims management. Agents must ask the right questions when the details are fresh to mitigate errors and processing delays that drive up company expenses.

Insurance Outsourcing Ensures Effective Claims Management

When you partner with a veteran multichannel communication management service like Ansafone, you have access to a multitude of premier insurance marketing, claim and incident reporting services. Working from customized scripts for each type of insurance policy and claim, our experienced, industry-trained call center agents have the knowledge and tools to:

insurance bpo agent
  • Effectively market your insurance products and cross-sell your services for bundling opportunities.
  • Validate insurance coverage, confirm policy details, verify the accuracy of contact information and provide procedural instructions on how to open a claim.
  • Efficiently process First Notice of Loss claims, including capturing details, assisting policyholders with opening claims, notifying relevant affected parties as well as indexing and routing supporting documents.
  • Identify low-complex claims for fast-track handling or emergency situations that require immediate escalation to first-responders or in-house representatives.
  • Update claim loss data into the claims payment system so that call center and in-house agents have access to real-time details about the case. Ansafone’s insurance outsourcing reps can work within your claims system or our software program.

Ansafone offers customers a variety of ways to engage with your company, including voice, email, live chat, SMS text and social media. Our two U.S.-based call centers can easily and quickly scale up support services during catastrophes when claim volumes spike, and our flexible system allows you to adapt procedural changes at a moment’s notice.

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Ansafone’s decades of experience with insurance outsourcing has provided our organization with a deep understanding of the unique needs of the insurance policy claims industry. Contact an insurance claims outsourcing expert at (800) 510-0514 to discover how Ansafone can help strengthen your customer care initiatives and improve your claim mitigation efforts.