Customer Service for Millennials

Millennial Customers – large and in charge.


Millennials, (born between 1980-2000) are set to pass the Baby Boomer generation in terms of purchasing power, not only as consumers but also as decision makers within the business world. This generation is entirely different than any preceding generation, having grown up with technology at their fingertips. This constant presence of technology has triggered an evolution of the customer service approach taken by businesses today.


The customer experience is now a social experience.

While the baby boomers were content to wait until a good time and dial in to a customer service line to talk to someone, Millennials have grown up with devices that blend shopping, entertainment, and education into one. It’s no surprise that the lines between uses have become blurred. Across every platform, the millennial generation is Instagramming, Snapping, Yelping, and sharing their good and bad experiences out to hundreds, even thousands, of people at a time.


Millennial customer service behavior

This behavior should be considered by businesses when designing a customer service experience. Millennials do not want to talk someone when they have a complaint or issue, they will not wait on hold for long periods of time and they will make every effort to solve the issue themselves before dialing a customer service line. They want the right solution, they want it quickly, and they expect to share good and bad experiences they have had with companies.


Omni-channel customer service

Millennials want to be able to interact with a business in whatever manner is most convenient for them at the time they need it. Masters of multi-tasking, they may be sending an email while waiting in line at the grocery store, or they may be live chatting while getting ready for work. The point is, no one likes to wait for answers to their questions – least of all millennials.

To do well with Millennials, businesses have to answer their questions, solve their problems, and offer a choice of channels to use. Gone are the days where phone support was enough. If your company is not providing e-mail, chat, and social media support, you may be alienating your millennial customers.

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