How to Customize your FNOL Processes

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FNOL – Don’t Try to Force Your Business Processes into a One-Size-Fits-All Outsourcer Box

There are many advantages to outsourcing your first notice of loss (FNOL) calls to a call center that specializes in this work. However, outsourcing to the wrong call center can produce extra work for your team and cause frustrations for your policyholders.

This happens when the provider lacks the flexibility to customize their product to meet the specific needs of your organization. Instead of them adapting to your systems, they force you to adapt to theirs. This introduces inefficiencies in the process, produces extra work, and leaves employees discouraged.

Leading FNOL outsource providers use sophisticated software and powerful applications that allow them to develop a specific program to meet your exact needs. You tell them what you need and how you need it. Then they’ll develop a process to produce the outcomes you expect.

These fall into four main categories.

  1. Customized Call Processing: The first area addresses all things that relate to the phone call itself, the verbal communications. The call center needs to answer using your company’s name and not default to a generic greeting. This is common sense, but not all call centers can provide even this basic level of customization.

Next, they should have scripting software that guides agents through the call to obtain the right information in a logical sequence. This allows them to capture the needed data as efficiently as possible. This scripting software should provide smart branching that directs the flow based on prior elements of the call. This saves time and improves accuracy.

Other supporting options include call recording and the option for remote access to those recordings, as well as live monitoring.

  1. Customized Data Collection: The second area looks at the data collection process and how this leads to better FNOL. This includes being able to specify what information you need, along with implementing basic data quality checks. This assumes the call center enters the data into their own system.

However, some insurers prefer direct entry in their own database. This brings up another level of customization. Can the call center establish a secure login to your in-house system, allowing them to enter the data directly into your database? This requires a stable internet connection, robust security software, and highly trained staff to navigate systems.

But what happens if a technical issue prevents the call center from accessing your computer system and network? If this occurs, they must be able to collect information in their own system and transfer it to yours later.

  1. Customized Information Delivery: For call centers that enter caller information into their own system—which is usually the fastest and therefore keeps call times down—they must provide a fast and easy way to transfer the data to you and your systems. This should be as automated as possible and require minimal human interaction. But can your call center allow for this degree of customization?

With many options for file format and transmission needs, your call center should be able to adapt and meet expectations of your systems and technologies.

  1. Customized Reporting: While you could generate your own reports based on the information your call center provides to you, they should also be able to generate reports, too. They should be equipped to customize reports to provide the information you need and presented in a way that works best for your processes. When they customize reports fully, there should be no need for you to rekey data or massage information to produce the output you need.

Conclusion: A full-service FNOL service provider will be able to address each of these four levels of customization and tailor a process that works best for you and your needs.

Ansafone is your expert FNOL outsource provider. To learn more, contact our resident FNOL expert Ricky Morse at 225-301-3736 or He’ll answer all your questions and help you outsource your calls the right way.

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