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In today’s economy and current condition such as COVID-19, national crisis or health crisis is inevitable, but it is how you prepare that matters. We want to help our communities and help any government agencies with any call center solutions.

As an experienced, reliable call center provider, we are geared to help government agencies in high volume calls, customer care, and helping communities get back on their feet. 

Ansafone Contact Centers is equipped to support many diverse initiatives for federal, state and local government agencies. We offer contact center services around the U.S and we also utilize our robust At -Home customer service model, as well. These capabilities allow us the flexibility to react and support any type of crisis. If you work in the public sector, whether it be state or federal, it is imperative to provide effective communications to your residents of your town, city or state.

What We Can Do for You:

  • Provide 24/7/365 call center support.
  • Enhance your customer service experience.
  • Provide the most robust telephony and technology in the industry to accommodate any task.
  • Bilingual services.

Our Government Experience Includes:

  • State of Louisiana
  • FEMA for Hurricane Sandy

Built on 50 years of world-class customer experience and brand care, Ansafone Contact Centers can help elevate your business to the next level. As an award-winning call center provider, we are here to integrate your high- volume calls with personalized care and communications.

50 years of World-Class Customer Experience and Brand Care.

Professional, well-trained agents to represent you.

Capacity to scale and support on short notice.

2019 Customer Experience Award - Business Intelligence Group.

About Elaine Rodriguez:

Elaine Rodriguez is an enthusiastic driven professional with over 20 years of experience in the call center field. Elaine attributes her success to her ability of listening to customers and putting their needs and the needs of the callers first. Elaine has earned the trust of clients that have helped generate repeat business. Elaine is fluent in English and Spanish. She is a team player and knows the success of a department begins with motivation and hard work. 

Elaine has helped communities by starting a non-profit years ago along with her husband ,Mario Rodriguez to help inner city kids who wanted to play little league baseball. Elaine did a lot of networking by reaching out to local businesses and corporations. She generated enough funds to help keep kids playing for several seasons and also helped them get donations from Dicks Sporting Goods stores. One of the most important things for her was to make sure that every child had a chance to play, but made it mandatory that they maintain amazing grades. Elaine is a mother to three children: Samantha 27, Carlos 16 and Zack 11.  Outside of work,  she enjoys sports, movies, traveling and a trip to Barnes and Noble.

If you would like to have a discussion on how we can deliver and accommodate your business, I can be reached at:

PHONE (CALL/TEXT): 352-235-9962
PHONE (CALL ONLY): 786-746-0030

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