Hand in Hand: How Contact Centers and Artificial Intelligence Work Together

Call center technology advances with the times to prioritize customer and client needs. In the modern age, artificial intelligence (AI) is a staple in the business world. AI is also present in the day-to-day operations of contact centers where it shapes customer satisfaction and business analytics. 

AI aids contact center operations to produce the most efficient solutions. It is possible that, in the far future, contact centers may be run solely by AI. However, until that day comes, contact centers will rely on AI to boost both background and front-end operations to create suitable solutions for businesses and customers alike.

Artificial Intelligence Aids Human Contact Center Agents

The heart of contact centers is its agents. Callers rely heavily on the agents answering phones and responding to questions. At this stage in technological evolution, AI is not designed to replace the human component of contact centers. Instead, AI improves the human element by allowing human agents to operate more efficiently. 

  • There are many customers who still prefer speaking with human agents over automated systems.
  • Certain customer or client inquiries require human reasoning and empathy to solve. 
  • AI can aid customer calls in the background while customers speak with human agents. 

AI works to aid call center agents in better serving customer needs. Agents no longer have to sift through data to find the right piece of information. Today, AI uses computerized technology to pull customer material from different databases in an instant.

AI can listen in on customer calls and gauge customer needs based on the words spoken. During the call, the AI will use those linguistic cues to formulate a plan the agent can then use to create a personalized solution for a specific customer. 

Artificial Intelligence Offers Automated Options for Customers

Sometimes customers do not require the assistance of human agents. If a customer simply needs to make changes to their account, such as update payment information or manage shipping addresses, an AI assistant can handle the process. Customers do not have to wait on hold for a human agent, which saves them time. 

Before AI was implemented into the customer service industry, callers had to rely solely on human agents to assist them with their needs. This meant that long wait times, human error, and multiple calls were the norm. Now that call centers work closely with AI, many of these inconveniences can be avoided. 

Additionally, customers also have many options to reach an AI for virtual assistance:

  • Speak with an AI over the phone
  • Text an AI using SMS
  • Chat with an AI using online chatbots

Customers become frustrated when they have to call and speak to someone for simple answers. In the modern age, almost everything can be done online through an AI self-service bot. Checking on order status is no different with AI implementation.

With all of the options above, customers can get quick answers and make changes without getting slowed down by inconvenience. Additionally, human agents are available for the more complicated customer issues that require human intervention.

AI Analytics Improve Customer Satisfaction

Contact center AI runs analytics in the background of customer calls (even calls between customers and human agents). Using this data, the AI provides prompt and reliable feedback, which allows the contact center to increase customer satisfaction and improve call performance. Agents can review their fulfillment scores and begin working on their call times immediately, based on the data AI provides. 

AI can also register customer tone and pitch to indicate if a customer is becoming irritated or angry during the call. Advanced AI can even suggest a contact center supervisor step in to diffuse a situation. Additionally, agents can offer temporary solutions to improve a frustrated customer’s mood. These actions can prevent escalation while maintaining customer loyalty. 

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