What Happens at Inbound Call Centers?

inbound call center

Unless you’ve worked at one, most people have no idea what happens at inbound call centers. For many, they are just the place that picks up when there is a problem. Most don’t even think of them that way if they are calling in for something positive, like buying a mail-order product, but the fact of the matter is that these are incredibly helpful places, and working with one can significantly improve a business and help it grow.

Preparing the Account

Actually getting started on an inbound campaign is not as simple as hiring a bunch of people to answer phones. A lot goes into the preparation of the account so that it can be as effective as possible, whether you’re gathering leads, providing customer support, or just answering questions.

The first step is to outline the goal of the campaign. If you’re selling something, you will need a different approach than if you’re trying to provide technical support. Once the goal is established, a script is written for the people on the line so that they always know what to say. Not only is it a bad idea to sound flustered on the phone or not have information ready, but it’s important to maintain a confident, conversational tone in order to keep the caller at ease.

Training is largely focused on this. The representatives have to be able to answer the phones and conduct the call professionally, but also in a way that sounds friendly and relaxed. This is something that takes a lot of practice, and there are several situations that might come up that can fluster new agents. Before the campaign goes live, it’s crucial to have people ready to handle any situation they may encounter.

Running Inbound Call Centers

Once the account goes live, inbound call centers are really at their best. Careful preparation makes it that much easier to get the whole operation working the way it was intended to, smoothly taking as many calls as possible with little to no wait queue nor an excess number of representatives waiting around doing nothing. Keeping call volume in line with the employees on the floor is one of the many tasks that a good call center handles. That’s on top of adjusting the approach as necessary, maintaining discipline, and achieving business goals on behalf of the client.

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