Customer Service Over the Phone and How it’s done

Would you love to know the secrets behind the art of providing fantastic customer service over the phone?

Here are some tips from our call center experts

In the business world, having a positive brand image is critical, a factor largely cultured and fortified by personal, professional and effective customer service techniques. A few years ago when only a handful of institutions knew the importance of having a vibrant team of customer service personnel, consistent service delivery over the phone was almost non-existent. But that has changed today with customer service becoming a precious part of a company’s success.

Following the emergence of customer-centrism, businesses have begun realizing the benefits of outsourcing customer service experts. The moment excellent service is offered over the phone, chances are that the caller would be tempted to review the company in social media, Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook, or any of the countless review sites. If you want to give an amazing customer service experience over the phone, it’s important to master the following hacks:

Greet the customer warmly

It is a conversation, and thus greetings and introductions are absolutely critical in customer service. Again, the caller knows you are an organization and may shy away from being open unless you greet and welcome them. So, greet them in a healthy, friendly manner before introducing yourself and asking them for their name. A warm greeting primarily involves a smooth, calm and composed tone with little pauses whenever necessary, asking for the caller’s name and following with a request with the reason for their call.

Active Listening to empathize

Much like any one-on-one chat that demands active listening, you must actively listen to the caller even though you are only a voice on the phone. It undoubtedly creates an instant bond, builds trust and makes the customer open up even more. One excellent way of listening actively is to ask them a question when possible, followed by an expression of your understanding. In customer service over the phone connecting with the customer is number one.

Show them you understand

Empathy is extremely useful if you work as a customer service agent, but it goes hand-in-hand with understanding.  Don’t be afraid to repeat the caller’s question to them, and ask for further information if needed.

Use Empathy to Calm down emotional, anxious or enraged callers

Irate customers aren’t the easiest calls to take, but we’ve all been the frustrated caller at one time or another.  Representatives should keep in mind that it isn’t personal and all the caller wants is a solution to their problem. Even if the call begins with an upset customer, the goal is for them to leave the call feeling like their problem has been resolved. They may yell or vent, they may perhaps break down over the phone or even fail to communicate and express themselves well. At such a point, however, you must not vent back, speak rudely or even hang up. Instead, use an empathetic tone, with lots of patience and reassurance that everything will be okay and you are there to help them with their issue.

Positive Connotations Heal; Use Them!

People commonly call seeking reassurance or clarification. The best terms to use are being considerate with words and phrases and not appearing uncaring. Again, don’t seem intimidating with jargon, speak to them at the level of their understanding.

Above all:

  • Don’t be boring – be active and engaging
  • Exhibit courtesy and politeness
  • Ask – do not demand
  • Explain in a simple, coherent way
  • Refer when necessary
  • Use empathy and offer solutions

End on a Memorable Note

All calls should both start and conclude on a pleasant note – there’s no debate there. Whether it is a venting customer or a new customer with questions, strive to assure them that their concerns have been felt and resolved. In every way possible, make the end result positive, memorable, and worth the call. Customer is service is something that is tricky to get right but works wonders when done correctly.

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“Ansafone always goes above and beyond! They are always professional and ensure all messages are properly handled. If I have any questions or concerns, I can always count on my representative Dave! Thank you for your excellent service.”
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“I am highly impressed with the exceptional level of customer service, reporting and professionalism with Ansafone.  I have worked with them for many years and found them to be action oriented and focused on quality performance.”
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"We appreciate all you have done for us in the past and wish you all the best.  Please extend my thanks to Laural and everyone at Ansafone."
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"I would like to express gratitude on behalf of Marion County Solid Waste for the prompt and satisfactory service you have provided to us."
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"Honestly, everything has been wonderful... What is most impressive to my providers and myself is the knowledge that the agents answering the phones have... It makes our jobs so much easier."