Customer Care and Client Retention

Cultivating loyal customers who believe in your company and your products is key to building a successful business. Customers value fast responses, easy transactions, and quick resolutions, and they feel valued when your commitment to delivering excellent customer care is high on your priority list.

Boost Client Retention by Delivering Excellent Customer Care

Access to technology has transformed the way customers buy the things that they need. When the product features are similar and the prices are competitive, the best way to differentiate your brand from the competition is to excel at delivering a world-class customer experience.

Each experience impacts the consumer’s perception of your brand. You build credibility every time a potential customer’s question is quickly answered, a new member receives help placing an order or a repeat customer has a hassle-free return. Achieving customer satisfaction in every interaction is vital to effectively improve your customer retention rates.

However, just one inadequate incident often sends shoppers straight to another company. The small loss of this one sale is magnified when you consider the vanished profits on the customer’s future purchases as well as any referrals they may have sent your way. Sharing their negative reviews and ratings on social media further compounds the loss.

Keeping customers happy requires the delivery of consistent, highly responsive services. Customers should walk away from every encounter with your company feeling respected, appreciated and valued. When they do, they not only keep coming back but are also often willing to pay a higher price point for a quality product.

Strengthen Your Brand Loyalty Support Team

Outstanding customer experiences happen when they are managed by a friendly, knowledgeable rep who is engaging, authentic and accurate. High-level customer service is ingrained in every aspect of our professional training program at Ansafone. We understand that great customer service is more than answering a phone call. The smile in the voice, the sympathetic response and the fair resolution are equally important in reaching high service levels.

Before representing your company, our courteous agents receive extensive preparation to ensure that they understand your business as well as your customers’ concerns. Our agents feel they are truly working for your company, and your customers feel they are speaking to your employees. The central goal of our customer care strategy focuses on creating positive customer experiences that develop into lasting relationships.

Our expertise in running a customer care call center spans a variety of industries and applications. We specialize in supporting phone calls, messaging, chat, email and social media services to some of the most trusted leaders in healthcare, retail, ecommerce, and financial services.

Our proficiency in the customer care industry is often the secret weapon retailers tap to achieve the higher customer retention rates that drive revenue and carve out market share.

Drive Profits with Customer Retention

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more cost to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one

existing customers are

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more likely to try your new products

Operating in the customer care contact center industry since 1970, Ansafone has the technological tools, industry materials and professional skills to help you exceed service expectations every day. Our agents work within your CRM system to record every contact touchpoint while our proprietary analytics supplies you with detailed analytics on all customer support interactions.

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