Keep Your Contact Center Up-to-date on Your Business

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Contact Center Agents with Accurate Information Provide Better Outcomes

Your contact center works hard for you. Their agents desire to give you the very best. When they succeed, you succeed. But did you know you play a key part in this?

It’s true. Your contact center uses the information you provide to them to serve your callers and customers. The better and more complete the information, the better they can serve those who call. Everyone understands this. That’s why—before your first call rings in—your contact center strives to program your account correctly, so their staff can do their very best.

However, over time this information becomes less accurate. Eventually it could become obsolete. Yet if you don’t keep your contact center updated about changes, they’ll continue to operate using outdated information. That makes their job harder, is a disservice to your customers, and decreases your satisfaction with the overall results.

When you take time to keep your contact center up-to-date, here are the key outcomes you can expect.

Increase Accuracy

consumer affairs contact center When your contact center has the most up-to-date information about your company, the accuracy of their work will automatically increase. Starting with the right information means that they give the right information to your callers.

Let’s look at some common examples. If you moved your business, did you let your contact center know? Yes, they need this for billing, but they also need it to give to callers’ asking about your location. If your contact center gives out your old address, they look bad, you look bad, and your customer is frustrated.

Another frequent example is staff changes. Do you keep your contact center up-to-date with your latest roster? This is especially critical if someone calls asking who their sales rep is. If your contact center doesn’t know who your new rep is, they’ll give out the name of the old rep. You don’t want that to happen—especially if your old rep now works for your competition.

Provide Greater Value

When your contact center starts with the right information, they pass this on to your customers. For example, let’s say you just overhauled your shipping process. The result is greater efficiency and more delivery options. Now, orders placed before 3 p.m. can still go out the same day. Plus, you now have three carriers you use for shipping.

But your contact center doesn’t know this, because you never told them. So, they’ll give customers the old information: orders must be placed by noon and everything ships through one carrier. Now your customer has the old information, too, which keeps them from making the best decision when placing an order.

Reduce Costs

When your contact center has up-to-date information, it means they can handle your callers’ requests faster and do it right on the first call. This reduces the amount of time they spend working on your behalf, which serves to lower the cost of the service they provide. This means a lower monthly invoice to you and decreased expenses on your income statement.


Companies always provide great information to their contact center when they begin their business relationship. But over time, company information, instructions, and expectations change. Yet it’s easy to overlook the contact center and not keep them updated on these new developments. Keep your contact center informed about these changes. It helps them increase their accuracy, provide greater value to your customers, and reduce your costs.

Though this makes sense, it’s hard to remember to do. That’s why it’s a good practice to periodically review all the information your contact center uses on your behalf. Discover what is outdated and update it. When you take time to do this, it’s good for everyone: you, your customers, and your contact center.


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