The Most Important Requirement for FNOL Calls is Accurate Information Gathering

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Get the Right Information the First Time, Every Time, from an FNOL Outsource Service Provider

When it comes to FNOL (first notice of loss) calls, multiple objectives hinge on every transaction. However, a key requirement, whatever your perspective, is accuracy. Nothing else matters if the call doesn’t produce complete and correct data to start the claim process.

Here are some of the key considerations relating to FNOL accuracy:

Achieve One Call Efficiency: The best practice standard encourages first call resolution (FCR). This means fully collecting all the needed information on one phone call, the first phone call. Some people refer to this as “one and done.”

This is the cornerstone of call center success. All leading outsource providers know this and pursue it on every call.

Eliminate Calls for More Information: Another critical consideration is completing every field in the FNOL form. Sometimes people assume they can skip specific fields in certain situations. Or they may bypass a field, planning to go back to it later. But they often forget.

Not having all the needed information means someone will have to call the policyholder back. Inevitably telephone tag will occur, which could delay processing for several days, even longer.

That’s why FNOL service providers get all the information the first time. If certain fields don’t apply in specific situations, their software automatically knows to skip those items. That means the call center agent doesn’t need to decide what’s important in the middle of a phone call. Programming intelligence into the data-entry form eliminates errors of omissions. It also avoids frustrations over requesting irrelevant information.

Obtain Information You Can Trust: Of course, just having something entered into a field doesn’t matter if it’s validity is in question. Coupled with the need to collect all information is a requirement for it to be reliable. In fact, wrong information could cause more problems than missing information. As the saying goes, “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”

The skilled call center agents at a professional FNOL outsource provider receive thorough training on the utmost importance of gathering complete and accurate information. After all, if they fall short of excellence in their work, that means someone else needs to redo it. And that serves no one well.

Respect the Callers’ Time: The insured party has just undergone a difficult emotional situation. This is one phone call they don’t want to make but know that they must. They want it to be quick, but they also want to talk to someone who cares.

FNOL outsource providers know this and factor it into their agent training. They strive to balance the dual needs of call efficiency and caller empathy.

Conclusion: Though accuracy in first notice of loss calls is paramount, it’s not the only thing. It’s just the beginning. In fact, accuracy alone, without meeting other key objectives often looms as an overall failure. When you outsource your FNOL calls to an experienced call center, they’re aware of this reality. They’ll certainly address accuracy, but they’ll balance it with efficiency and empathy, to provide quality customer service experiences on every call. This is good for you and good for your policyholders, too.

Ansafone is your expert FNOL outsource provider. To learn more, contact our resident FNOL expert Ricky Morse at 225-301-3736 or He’ll answer all your questions and help you outsource your calls the right way.

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