Natural Disasters – Why Choose Ansafone? Our Unique Differentiators

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Having an expert contact center as part of your team can increase service quality, leading to increased customer loyalty, office productivity, and company profits. Here are some of the reasons why so many companies have entrusted Ansafone as their contact center even in the event of a natural disaster.

We Are the BPO Experts

When you partner with Ansafone, we become a critical extension of your business and provide you and your customers with world-class customer service.

With 50 years of call center experience, we have not only cutting-edge technology but are armed with the knowledge you need to take your customer service to the next level.

Our customer-focused approach fits into any business. We start by learning about your business and then create a customized plan that delivers. Our goal with every call is to ensure that your customers feel like they’ve been heard and their problem has been resolved.

We Improve the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Your Business Operations

From the start, our team works hand-in-hand with your business to ensure that you’re working efficiently as possible. We deliver a wide range of inbound call center services including dedicated 800 numbers and customized email communication.

Our 24/7 support ensures that you never miss a call.  Agents are trained to assist your customers with whatever they may need. This includes product questions, order placement, billing charges, membership details, returns, and complaints. We can also assist with lead generation, sales acquisition, and customer retention programs.

Financial Impact

The cost of maintaining a high level of customer service can be expensive. These expenses can be tenfold in natural disasters.  There’s equipment to purchase and a lot of time and money spent on training and maintaining an elite in-house workforce. When you work with Ansafone, we do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Our U.S. based offices are equipped with the latest cutting edge tools. We interview all potential staff to ensure that we have the right agents in place to run your business efficiently as possible. All operational management and training are also done in-house.

Full-Service Contact Center

Our focus as a full-service contact center is to have the ability to plug in where your business needs the most help. When your customers dial an 800 number to review their insurance claims we are the friendly voice on the other end. When disaster strikes, we are the sympathetic voice taking calls, and your brand ambassadors during a company crisis. We are the first to pick up the phone for any technology troubles, the charismatic sales closers and the experts at first call resolution. Additional services that Ansafone offers includes:

  • Inbound Call Center Services
  • Outbound Call Center Services
  • Live Chat
  • Email Support
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • IVR Services
  • Marketing Support
  • Multilingual Call Answering Services
  • Technical Support

World-Class Customer Experience

Your customers deserve a world-class experience. Whether inbound contact is made via phone, email, social media, a website form or a live chat box. Your customers deserve to reach a live agent at any time. Being responsive to every inbound request is critical to providing a high level of customer service.

Ansafone is always looking to improve. We measure average handle times, abandonment rates, quality scores, and client-specific KPI’s, and provide on-going training and updated response scripts so that our agents are constantly perfecting your customer’s experience.

One of the keys to our success is our core values, which include kindness, courtesy, compassion, and honesty. We instill these values in our employees, which translates to customer loyalty for your business.

Each agent also does their job with the utmost integrity. Whether there’s natural disasters going on or something else out of the normal workflow. When you partner with us, we represent your brand, which is a responsibility we take very seriously. Our employees are honest and transparent with your customers at all times.

Customized Multi-Channel Approach

Although consumers now make the majority of their purchases online, buyers still need access to a live agent to get their questions answered. Every inbound call, email or social media post is a new opportunity. Timely, accurate responses instill trust, giving you more chances to upsell or cross-sell other products and services. Our multi-channel approach includes:

  • Customer Care and Retention: Every conversation with a customer shapes how they view your brand. Every interaction must have our own personal touch, run smoothly and end with a positive resolution. Quality customer care is the key to high customer retention rates. With equally competent competitors waiting to swoop in, Ansafone gives you the upper hand in delivering fast, hassle-free customer service that produces first-call results and a loyal following. Exceptional customer service is the foundation of successful businesses. Trained agents that handle your inbound customer calls with speed and accuracy are the key to boosting sales, strengthening customer retention and building brand loyalty.
  • Technical Support: From password resets to shopping cart malfunctions, customers expect responsive agents that can solve their problems. Providing customers with technical support at whatever moment they need it is a critical part of delivering first-rate client services.
  • Consumer Affairs and Product Recalls: Fielding consumer complaints with compassion and honesty can change a potential disaster into a brand-building opportunity. Whether your company is facing a recall or your need to mitigate a short-term issue, a consumer affairs contact center is key. We can help reach out to customers during the initial notification stage, which prevents additional safety risks and legal issues.

Make a Great Impression

We take our job seriously as an extension of your business and train our outbound call center technicians to always represent your business in the best light.

If you are searching for a call center that creates positive customer experiences with friendly and courteous agents we are happy to be your partner. Our call centers are located throughout the U.S., so you’ll never experience an interruption in connectivity. Your customers can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To learn more contact us today at

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