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*This is the first in a series of blog posts features the core values of Ansafone*

A customer advocate puts the needs of contacts first and seeks to do their best for your business 

Customer advocacy begins with putting the customer first.

What is a customer advocate? A customer advocate is someone who seeks a customer’s best interest. They may speak, plead, or even argue on behalf of customers to produce the best possible results. When it comes to a contact center, you want to partner with one who has a customer advocate mentality.

Here are some things a contact center customer advocate routinely does.

Go the Extra Mile

A customer advocate puts the customer first. Therefore, they routinely do extra things on each interaction and do more than is expected. Though it’s not their goal—service is their objective—going the extra mile produces a “wow” factor that can’t be beat.

Strive for Continual Improvement

When it comes to customer service, the bar continues to rise. What was once exceptional service becomes the minimum standard over time. A contact center can’t afford to maintain the status quo, or they’ll fall behind. That’s where a customer advocate comes in. A customer advocate is always looking for ways to improve, to do things better, and to be more effective in each element of every interaction. When you do this every day, making tiny incremental improvements, they add up to significant enhancements over time.

Create Memorable Experiences

The customer advocate goes the extra mile and seeks to always improve. The result is memorable experiences. While some interactions are more memorable than others, the goal is to make every experience one that’s worth celebrating.

Act as a Seamless Extension of Each Client’s Business

A contact center serves as a representative of each client. They aren’t a separate entity that mechanically provides a service. Instead they function as an integral part of the client’s business, as if they were in the office and on the payroll. A customer advocate desires to make this happen. They want to appear as a seamless extension of the client’s business. When callers aren’t sure if they reached the business or the contact center, the customer advocate is pleased, having accomplished their objective.

Not many contact centers are advocates for their clients’ customers, but the ones that are, stand above those who aren’t. Too many contact centers focus on transactions with the objective of making them faster and cheaper. However, professional contact centers focus on going the extra mile, striving for continual improvement, and creating memorable experiences.

When they do this, they become a seamless extension of each client’s business. If customer experience (CE) is important to you, then it’s critical to find a contact center that has a customer advocate mentality.


Ansafone Contact Centers, a 24/7 live contact center service provider, uses a multichannel communication approach to help customers communicate via phone and live chat, with email management and social media monitoring. Ansafone’s business process outsourcing (BPO) services specialize in customer service, help desk, tier-1 tech support, sales conversion, and enrollment. Click here to learn more.

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Client Testimonials

Home Health Care Company:
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“Ansafone always goes above and beyond! They are always professional and ensure all messages are properly handled. If I have any questions or concerns, I can always count on my representative Dave! Thank you for your excellent service.”
Donation Information Hotline:
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“I am highly impressed with the exceptional level of customer service, reporting and professionalism with Ansafone.  I have worked with them for many years and found them to be action oriented and focused on quality performance.”
TAS and Call Center Support:
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"We appreciate all you have done for us in the past and wish you all the best.  Please extend my thanks to Laural and everyone at Ansafone."
Energy & Utilities:
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"I would like to express gratitude on behalf of Marion County Solid Waste for the prompt and satisfactory service you have provided to us."
Healthcare /Orthopedics:
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"Honestly, everything has been wonderful... What is most impressive to my providers and myself is the knowledge that the agents answering the phones have... It makes our jobs so much easier."