Passionate Contact Center Agents Produce Exceptional Results

Passionate Contact Center Agents Produce Exceptional Results

Passionate Contact Center Agents Produce Exceptional Results

Passion Drives Outcomes that Serve Clients, Help Customers, and Produce Excellence

Quick question: what word resonates with you more, passionate or dispassionate? Even without knowing the context, you surely picked passionate. After all who wants dispassionate, which means aloof, detached, and cold?

Passion fires our emotions, stirs our senses, and sparks our interest.

Dispassion does the opposite. It makes us yawn, even bored. And it certainly doesn’t inspire.

So, when it comes to your contact center, what do you want, passionate or dispassionate? Unless you’re intentionally going for a cold, detached vibe, you’ll pick passionate every time.

But a passionate contact center doesn’t just happen. It hinges on passionate employees who are passionate for their work, their results, and you. Here’s what a passionate contact center can do for you. They have these key traits.


A Passion To Serve ClientsA Passion to Serve Clients:

Let’s start with you. If you’ve hired a contact center to help optimize your communication with your stakeholders, you are their client. As their client, serving you is their priority. (And if a contact center doesn’t make you their priority, then look for one that will.)

Contact center agents who care about their work strive to do the best job they can for you. They want to make you proud of them and the work they do for you. If you’re pleased, then they’re pleased.

This is what passion is all about. Passion produces results, exceptional results.


A Passion to Help People:

Next, let’s look at your customers and prospects. They contacted your company and reached your contact center. It may be by phone, email, or text. It could occur through social media or web chat.

Regardless of how they reached your company, what kind of response do you want them to receive? Do you want it detached and impersonal? Of course not! You want contact center agents who desire to help your callers. Agents with a passion to help others is key. They’ll make sure to handle each contact correctly and bring it to completion. They’ll go the extra mile to do whatever they can to help your customers. Their passion makes memorable experiences for your customers.


A Passion To Produce ExcellenceA Passion to Produce Excellence:

Last, let’s look at the outcome. When you start with passionate contact center agents who desire to serve you and help your customers, they move toward one clear outcome. They create exceptional results. Because of their passion, they produce excellent outcomes. You benefit, your customers benefit, and your contact center benefits for having done great work and continuing to earn your trust.

Yet contact centers can’t fake passion. They must start with passionate contact center employees. But they can’t train passion, and they can’t force it. However, it does happen. It happens when they hire the best staff who have the right skills and possess great attitudes. The outcome is a results-producing passion. A passion that can’t be beat.

When you find a contact center that exudes passion, you’ve found a winner.

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Peter Lyle DeHaan is a freelance writer who covers the contact center and BPO industry.

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