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Every business understands the importance of their online reputation; it is the way that your customers and potential customers think of you. The trust and experience of customers should be given high regard by any firm that wishes to stay on top; because it will have a direct and profound effect on the company’s bottom line.

Business reputation is the esteem with which your customer, employee, supplier or any other interested party holds your business to. If a firm has a good reputation, customers remain loyal. A good business reputation has its advantages in the market; it allows the organization to stand out from its competitors in a competitive market, retain its current customers, and gain new ones through word-of-mouth and online review searches.

Every growing business must learn to manage its reputation to prevent loss of customer confidence, and this can be achieved by accumulating positive reviews from your customers. Reputation management is monitoring of your online reputation as a brand or a business. Where a marketing department might raise awareness of your business and make customers think of you when they have need of what you do, a reputation management agency tells you where your business is being talked about online, what is being said about your business, and will help you stop negative attention before it “goes viral.” This is where ReviewSafe comes to play; ReviewSafe is an online reputation management software that provides simple reporting on customer sentiment, allowing to make right improvements to facilitate the best customer experience.

Surveys show that 93% of the consumer community analyse a product review before deciding whether or not to make a purchase and about 73% consider a review of 3 months old as irrelevant; online reviews have a significant impact in every business, as news and informatio

n spreads farther and faster than ever before.

Although positive reviews go a long way in increasing business reputation, Negative reviews have a more significant and lasting effect. Don’t let a few unsatisfied customers damage your reputation, ReviewSafe has been designed to protect your business from these negative reviews; its intercepts negative reviews before they go online to allow you to resolve the situation. It also monitors and retains previously unhappy customers.

Record shows that customers trust reviews; they purchase the product or service with the most positive reviews, and you can use this to your advantage. Word-of-mouth advertising is still the most trusted form of advertising – your customers love to know who their friends love to do business with. ReviewSafe highlights positive reviews from happy customers to help your business stand out from the competition and encourages your happy customers to talk about your business.

ReviewSafe provides you with extensive and comprehensive customer feedback; which give a detailed summary of all your customers experiences, which clarifies what your customers like and dislike about your business. Note that customer experience is the interaction between a customer and an organization throughout their entire business relationship. The slightest reduction in customer experience takes the business reputation on a quick dive.

This online business reputation management software is designed in such a simple way that it doesn’t require much technical know-how to self-operate it; it was built with business owners and their consumers in mind.

ReviewSafe is an automated solution with specialists that are ready to help you build your business reputation the right way. With the use of ReviewSafe, business owners are able to amplify their happy customers reviews, and given the opportunity to change negative experiences into positive ones, before anyone else hears about it.

Services offered;

  • Obtain Positive Reviews
  • Negative Review Protection
  • Automated Outreach
  • Simplified Interface
  • Customer Sentiment Reporting
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Performance Analysis.
  • Public Testimonials

NOTE: If ReviewSafe does not meet your expectations within 3 months, we provide a full refund — no questions asked.

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