Successful Contact Centers Excel in Intentional Acts of Kindness

Successful contact centers excel in acts of kindness

Successful Contact Centers Excel In Acts Of Kindness


It doesn’t take much effort to be nice, but offering kindness can make a huge difference for everyone

People who work in contact centers enjoy the work. They receive satisfaction from helping callers, and they like serving their clients with excellence. However, not every day is perfect. Some days have their share of stress. That’s why it’s so critical to form the best possible working environment for the contact center staff.

One key step to accomplish this is committing intentional acts of kindness. These kindnesses don’t need to be huge, because even a simple act of kindness can make a big difference for someone having a rough day, be it a coworker, a client, or a customer.

With this attitude of making intentional acts of kindness baked into our contact center, it permeates all that we do.

Kindness To Each OtherKindness starts with coworkers:

What intentional act of kindness can we do for each other? It might be a smile, a helping hand, or a bit of encouragement. When we do this on a regular basis, it becomes contagious. One act of kindness, given without expectation of receiving anything in return, can cause another employee to do the same. When this snowballs, the whole contact center benefits.



Kindness To Your CustomersKindness to Your Customers:

When our agents look for ways to give intentional acts of kindness to each other, it automatically spills over to your customers when they contact us. Again, these acts of kindness are often quite simple. The basics—such as good manners, a smile in our voice, and being nice—comprise the cornerstone of our training. But we also look for other ways to let simple acts of kindness make a difference when we interact with your customers.


Kindness to You:

As our client, we want you to also receive intentional acts of kindness. Since we do this with each other and with your customers, it naturally extends to you as well. What might this look like? An intentional act of kindness might be going the extra mile, of doing something unexpected or unasked. It might be taking a moment to thank you for being our client. This act of kindness could look like a ray of sunshine when you’re having an otherwise cloudy day.

When we practice intentional acts of kindness, we make our contact center a better place to work, and this has a positive impact as we serve your customers and interact with you.

Thank you for being our client. We truly appreciate it.

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Peter Lyle DeHaan is a freelance writer who covers the contact center and BPO industry.

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