4 Technology Trends that Transform Contact Centers

4 technology trends that transform call centers

4 Technology Trends That Transform Call Centers


Advancements in technology have revolutionized how companies interact with customers. Several cutting-edge tools are now being integrated into the contact center environment to improve workflows and increase agent productivity, allowing them to raise the bar on what excellent customer experiences look like. The strategic use of this technology is also putting businesses far ahead of their competition by allowing them to drive the CX in innovative ways.

Moving forward, Ansafone is focusing on strengthening its use of these four forward-thinking solutions that are trending in the contact center industry:


Social MediaSocial Media Support

Once the exclusive domain of marketing professionals, contact centers are increasingly taking over the responsibility of interacting with customers via social media. The 24-hour industry is able to monitor posts around the clock. Companies do not wake up to firestorms that have been brewing while they were snoozing. Immediately solving problems publicly generates goodwill amongst customers, even those who have complaints. It also facilitates more intentional two-way conversations, which boosts engagement levels, strengthens connections and nurtures lifelong customer relationships. Contact centers are also focusing their attention on streamlining data from social media channels into their CRM systems. This is to ensure that customers have a seamless experience no matter which platforms they use to resolve issues.


Big Data Automation and Analytics

In the era of Big Data, an estimated 63 percent of companies are struggling to make sense of the details they collect during customer transactions. Inside this unstructured data is a goldmine of information that can drive higher revenues. Contact centers are integrating sophisticated reporting and analytics tools into communication systems and CRM programs to deliver more valuable customer experiences. The knowledge is then being leveraged to offer personalized resolutions, identify better sales opportunities and provide predictive, proactive service. Internally, call center managers gain a deeper understanding of individual agent performance and are able to conduct root-cause analyses that direct process improvements. You can expect significant advancements in big data analytics as companies invest more resources in this intelligent technology.


Smart Artificial Intelligence ApplicationsSmart Artificial Intelligence Applications

Empowered by the ability to access customer service tools at any hour of the day, customers overwhelmingly prefer DIY options for resolving common issues. Contact centers are using smarter artificial intelligence (AI) applications to develop intuitive self-service options. These will allow customers to check account balances, request callback services, provide feedback and make payment arrangements. Smarter call routing systems are also streamlining interactions and delivering callers to the right problem solvers. This strategy significantly reduces customer frustrations. It also shrinks call volumes, which reduces overhead costs and allows agents to spend more time solving complex issues. AI tools can further exasperate customers if they don’t deliver accurate answers quickly. Ansafone focuses on building smart solution centers based on customers’ frequently asked questions, feedback surveys and common agent interactions.


Unifying Communications Channels

As companies launch more media platforms for customers to interact on, they are struggling to deliver comprehensive, consistent experiences. Only an estimated 36 percent of businesses can fully track a customer’s journey as they travel between channels. Contact centers are now applying unified communication and collaboration (UCC) tools to their CRM systems. This ensures that customers encounter the same level of functionality and support over web chat, SMS texting, social media and phone. All customer data streams into a single user interface. This gives agents a full understanding of the purchase and service history. Real-time information provides a level of context never before seen in the call center environment. It allows agents to address issues more quickly and with personalized solutions.

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