The Evolution of Customer Service

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Customer care is a concept that has become an integral part of every business. Whether the business is selling products or services, having a well thought out customer care plan earns the business loyal customers.

The aim of customer care is to ensure customer satisfaction before, during and even after the transaction. The image good customer service gives is worth far more than the effort that it takes.
There are many reasons that the concept of customer service is building value among business owners and managers. It builds trust between the customers and the business, something that is growing increasingly important because trust establishes customer loyalty and with the internet there are now endless places for your customers to choose to take their business. It is also more important than the pricing since consumers today are willing to pay more for the right product and a good experience. Moreover, customer service is the voice of the business to the consumers and represents the business. It is a good way to increase the product/service awareness as well as gives the comfort to the consumer they do have someone to voice their issues to.

At the end of the day, customer service greatly adds to a smooth running of the business as most problems and friction amongst the consumers and the business are absorbed by the customer care department.
Gone are the days when the customer care services were only available from 9 to 5 or during banker’s hours and gone is the idea that help is only available at the brick and mortar business. Today there are different customer service offerings that fit the modern lifestyle and lead to better and more helpful customer care services.

Customer Service around the Clock

As mentioned before, the previous idea of customer service was at the business itself and only from 9 to 5. However, now in order to increase the quality of the service, savvy businesses have realized the need to be present at all times. When a business cannot meet the 24/7 customer care services that their customers demand, this is often outsourced to companies, like Ansafone, that specialize in partnering with businesses to provide quality customer service.

Customer in Control

Though the standard 800-number customer service model still exists, customer service has branched into many different mediums, such as chat, text, email, and even video chat! Now companies consider it to be one of their top priorities to make their official pages on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. More than promoting the business these pages serve as the more convenient customer care option where people come and give feedback of the product and even make complaints as they know they will be heard directly. Smart managers know that social media needs to be managed as one bad story can ruin a company’s hard earned reputation. Since people do not wait to be heard now, those  that operate these pages also play a role of the customer care, attending to the members of the page.

Query Answered before the Problem

The most common thing to do when a product breaks down or help is needed for installation etc. is to Google the situation. Customers are often faced with long threads of discussions arguing about what the right thing to do is. These searches often prove to be useless and a mere waste of time, ending in more frustration for the customer. To add to the customer experience, companies now offer a solution in the form of blogs or tutorials on their websites. It is either articles that have discussed the problems or frequently asked questions which cater to the answers of frequent questions that the company thinks would be beneficial to their customers.

Product fixes the Product

By this, we refer to the after sales service. Gone are the days when the company sold the product and didn’t look back. The consumer today is very smart and requires a longer lasting connection with the company and wants the brand to take the responsibility to take full charge of any damages. Brands now have their own repair and maintenance departments who are just a call away.

Future of Customer Service

People do not want to see anything stagnant and are always hungry for something new. Keeping this in view, customer care departments of companies are constantly struggling to come up with new methods to attract and retain a maximum of market share.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Customer care will soon be impacted by artificial intelligence, with AI agents filling in on more of the standard processes, and then handing the interaction over to a live agent when necessary. This will encourage more efficient and economical processes for the customer and business alike.
  • Chatbots: You’ll soon be seeing chatbots replace pop up chats that will decrease the need for man power and give more responsibility to the technology (just like artificial intelligence). This automatic way will be more available to the customers and works by pulling out the main keywords from the queries and finding the closest answers

Using the technology mentioned above, the workload on the designated department will become less and would let them focus on further innovations. At the end of the day, the customer care department is one of the most important departments because customer standards are changing and today people want to purchase from a company they want to do business with, and that boils down to how they are treated. If you don’t care about your customers, someone else will.

Let Ansafone Contact Centers help you devise a customer care solution that works for you and your customers.

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