The Importance of Infusing High EQ into FNOL Call Centers

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Policyholders reaching out to report a first notice of loss (FNOL) are often frightened or angry by the unexpected crisis they have just experienced. This stress creates high-tension calls that Ansafone's core valuesrequire an abundance of empathy and emotional intelligence on the part of the agents who are answering the phones. When an insurance rep bucks social stigmas by expressing compassion for the caller’s loss, your company lays the foundation for building long-lasting customer trust.

In an era when customer expectations for positive experiences are extremely high, it is critical that insurance underwriters consistently demonstrate their commitment to providing exceptional experiences in sensitive situations. Your customers must have confidence in your ability to sympathetically but competently guide them through one of the most vulnerable moments of their lives. In order to achieve this goal, you need FNOL call center agents who have the social and emotional intelligence skills to connect with each caller as well as the industry knowledge to provide clear answers and quick resolutions.


Leading a FNOL Call Center with Emotional Intelligence

Whether they have just been the victims of theft, are involved in a car accident or have sustained damage to their home from bad weather, the first resource policyholders turn to for help is their insurance agent. In most cases, callers are highly agitated, and their anxiety can come across as rudeness. Tensions quickly intensify when they can’t get the answers that they need in a timely manner.

Call center agents who have a high EQ are able to de-escalate the caller’s agitation with patience, diplomacy and tact. With their comforting words and knowledge of how to navigate the claims management system, they provide the relief that customers need to regain some semblance of normalcy in their lives.


Sensitively Collect Data

It is imperative that call center agents gather data while the incident is fresh in the policyholder’s mind, yet grilling a distraught customer for details is unprofessional and unethical. Additionally, a customer who is in shock may not be a fully reliable source of information. Your FNOL contact must have the EQ to determine the caller’s emotional state, ask the right questions and recognize when it is time to end the call. These skills are critical to mitigating errors and preventing processing delays that diminish customer satisfaction and escalate the costs of claims handling.

Armed with industry expertise, call centers like Ansafone can also serve as a seamless pipeline for incident reporting and claims processing. Agents capture all the necessary personal data from claimants and electronically upload it to your claims software system so that information always remains updated. Per your policies, call center agents can even index and route supporting documents, notify relevant parties or inform third-party supervisors about pending claims. By taking these extra steps, you are able to meet your customer’s high expectations for service while streamlining your organizational operations at the same time.

Reach Customers Where They’re At

In times of crises, policyholders must have multiple ways to reach your company. If phone lines are down, then perhaps they can gain access to an online connection. By supplying the technology and infrastructure, an insurance claims outsourcing provider offers you a cost-effective solution for delivering a multi-channel communication platform that includes voice, email, live chat, SMS text and social media options. Staffed around the clock, call centers ensure that a competent, compassionate agent is available at any moment that disaster strikes your customers. During large-scale catastrophes, you can rely on your call center to empathetically handle every customer’s concern in a timely manner.

Ansafone has the modern resources, industry experience and socially intelligent agents to help your company deliver compassionate FNOL services. Contact our insurance claims outsourcing experts at (800) 510-0514 to learn how we can implement solutions that strengthen your commitment to superior customer care.

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