What to Look for When Hiring a Call Center Business

What to look for when hiring a call center business


What to look for when hiring a call center business


As more businesses discover the benefits of business process outsourcing to strengthen their customer engagement strategies, it is increasingly important to select the right provider to help you become more competitive in the marketplace. Consider these four qualities when researching potential call center partners. An informed decision will lead your company down the next path to success.


Deep Industry Experience


Longevity matters. A company that has weathered at least a decade’s fluctuating economy, evolving technologies and increasing customer expectations has proven its ability to adapt to changing practices. This is the partner you want by your side while navigating challenges in delivering exceptional customers that nurture loyal customers. A successful track record also demonstrates the company’s ability to understand exactly how to seamlessly merge its procedures with your routine tasks and policies. Your customer management program should not be an experiment for another company.


The best BPO call center partner is the one that has deep experience in your specific industry. While modern call centers share many of the same best practices for delivering excellent customer service, some markets have specific rules that require detailed knowledge or standardized software. Additionally, your compliance with federal regulations, such as HIPAA  or SOC 2 , rests on the agents’ ability to collect and protect customers’ information according to federal guidelines.


An eye for the futureAn Eye for the Future


You want a company that also leans into the future. You should hire a contact center that has the capability to provide more services than you need at this moment so that it can easily scale up to support your future growth. The BPO provider should also have a long-term vision for itself. Involvement in industry associations is a strong sign that a contact center has a commitment to staying ahead of its competition.

When interviewing contact center partners, ask about their knowledge of the latest trends, their recent initiatives and their use of cutting-edge technology. Their answers will confirm how well they adapt to shifting customer demands. The call center’s IT infrastructure, security certifications and tech processes also impact the outsourcer’s ability to deliver reliable BPO services. Thoroughly review your contract for tacked-on costs associated with facility, security or technology upgrades.


Industry ReputationIndustry Reputation


Online reviews are a rich source of information for gauging the BPO provider’s reliability and professionalism. The call center’s website should be well developed, featuring detailed information about its services, helpful blog content and case studies. Award-winning contact centers are recognized by their industry peers and impartial third-party organizations as providing excellent value to their clients. These distinctions are important factors in your evaluation.

However, to really understand whether a provider can meet your needs, you must dig deeper. Request client recommendations and then follow up with specific questions about services that you are considering outsourcing. This is as close as you will get to experiencing the provider’s level of service firsthand.


Level of Responsiveness


Responsive communication is critical for a successful customer management program in today’s digitally connected world. One of the best benefits of outsourcing your call center operations is 24/7 service. Someone is always on standby to take a customer’s call. You can evaluate a call center’s commitment to communication by asking for performance stats; such as queue time, first call resolution, dropped calls and retention rates. Your account manager’s responsiveness to your questions is another good indicator of the BPO company’s commitment and ability to deliver rapid, accurate services.

Industry Awards and Affiliations

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