What to Know Before Hiring a BPO Contact Center

What to know before hiring a BPO Contact Center

What to know before hiring a BPO contract partner

Once you select a BPO partner , you will work closely together to pinpoint exactly what your company needs to drive its future growth. Before embarking on this venture, do some internal homework to help the contact center succeed in supporting these efforts. To ensure that you end up with a value-focused contract, identify your company’s needs in these three areas before hiring a BPO contact center:


Your budgetYour Budget

For many companies, the primary motivator for partnering with a BPO provider is to reduce overhead costs. However, if your goal is to select the cheapest provider, then you will likely receive minimal services and support. The ability to save a few bucks often comes at the expense of damaging customer relationships. As a result, the most successful BPO relationships are built upon offering quality services rather than bottom-line prices. A reliable provider, who has the technology and knowledge to deliver exceptional customer experiences, should make up for the extra expense with increased customer retention and more frequent upsells.

Budgets are a reality. You must carefully consider what you can afford to spend and then identify a practical range before approaching a BPO contact center provider. By evaluating your needs against their services, your BPO partner will determine which paths will offer the highest value. Additionally, your BPO partner should offer flexible services, pricing and contracts that can easily scale up or down based on seasonal volume and business growth so that you are only paying for services when you need them.


Why you need a BPO partnerWhy You Need a BPO Partner


BPO call centers perform a variety of BPO functions, so it is critical that you understand which of your internal resources need support. Some companies want to streamline technical support efforts, improve revenue through upsells, generate new leads or comply with storage of customer data. Some choose to outsource their entire call center operations. Others start out with a shared model that utilizes in-house and outsourced staff.


You must have a clear understanding of why you should outsource. Without it you will never be able to develop a defined plan that leads you in the right direction. Operating with this lack of knowledge often results in purchasing unnecessary services or having disjointed services that do not provide seamless experiences. A few questions to ask yourself while moving through this evaluation process include:


  • What type of outsourcer do I need?



  • Does my company and the provider have similar customer management strategies?


  • How will my business change?


  • What are the risks, and how can I mitigate them?


Throughout the relationship with your BPO partner, both parties should continually review the service delivery model. A data-driven call center stands beside you as a partner. It should also be able to leverage metrics that pinpoint what you are doing well, areas that you can improve and potential new revenue streams.


How to Communicate Your Business Processes


Successfully communicating your company’s business model, processes, brand messages and goals to a BPO call center is an enormous task. It requires a dedicated contact person and internal support. With transparency and proper planning, you can simplify the process and prevent small problems from becoming catastrophic failures. Before hiring a contact center, identify practical ways to break up the complex task into simpler, more manageable segments. Examine your existing operations, consider major and minor changes in your business processes and outline the management flow.

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