Your FNOL Provider Should Cover All Type of Insurance Policies

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When You Outsource FNOL Calls, Select an Outsourcer Able to Process All Policy Lines

How many types of insurance policies does your company provide? Automotive, property, general liability, workmen’s comp? Whether it’s one line or many, the wise move when you outsource first notice of loss (FNOL) calls is to select a provider with the experience to handle all policy types.

Even if you don’t need support for multiple policy lines, a provider with broad policy experience offers benefits not found from a single-policy specialist. Here’s why:

Well-Rounded Support: A FNOL provider that specializes in one type of policy or only has experience with one type will likely only excel in that area. Lacking practical experience in other areas limits the quality of service they can provide for other policy lines.

For example, a specialist in automotive may struggle when it comes to workmen’s compensation policies. Instead, go with a holistic provider who has experience in all areas. This will provide the highest overall level of customer service to all your policyholders.

Proven Results: Just because a call center provider can show glowing testimonials regarding their support services for one type of policy doesn’t mean this applies to all policies. However, a holistic provider with experience handling multiple policy lines will be able to adeptly meet whatever needs you may have.

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Enhanced Synergy: Experience with one type of policy often provides insight into handlin

g another. Best practices for one type of policy may have transferable aspects to other policy lines. Also, resolving a challenge presented by one type of policy may later inform problem-solving for another. Service providers that focus only on one line of insurance don’t have the potential for this natural synergy to occur.

However, a holistic FNOL outsource provider possesses a great deal of experience, knowledge, and expertise that can benefit all policy lines and all policyholders.

Growth Potential: What if your company diversifies into another type of insurance or acquires a company with a more diverse portfolio? Don’t you want a service provider who can grow with you? Of course you do.

Otherwise you might find yourself working with one call center for property claims and then needing to hire a second one for general liability. Going with two companies for FNOL service complicates your management of them and reduces economy of scale. That’s why it’s best to go with a holistic FNOL service provider from the beginning.

Summary: When selecting an FNOL call center provider, seek one with broad experience in all types of policies. Even if you don’t need that breadth of coverage, they will provide you with a higher level of service, both now and in the future.

Ansafone is your expert FNOL outsource provider. To learn more, contact our resident FNOL expert Ricky Morse at 225-301-3736 or He’ll answer all your questions and help you outsource your calls the right way.

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