Core Values

Ansafone is committed to world-class, white glove customer service, and an exceptional customer experience within every interaction. Our company values define and guide who we are as a company, they show who we are as people, and they influence every interaction between our employees and with clients.

Be a Customer Advocate

Exceptional customer experiences come as a result of a focus on listening and understanding first and then providing a resolution to the customer’s problem. We offer the same level of white-glove service to our customers as we do for their callers. We are committed to going the extra mile to “wow” with every contact, every time.

Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit

We are dedicated to creating an environment that is friendly, warm, and driven to succeed. We encourage diversity in ideas, opinions, and points of view. We are committed to radiating positive energy that has an infectious result both internally and externally. We want to operate our business like a family that cares about the well being of our employees and their families. We are more than coworkers – we are family.

Intentional Acts of Kindness

We go out of our way to exercise kindness towards others – both internally and in our communities. A simple act of kindness can make someone’s day! With intentional, unannounced acts of kindness, we expect nothing in return – we simply want to create an environment of positivity.

Passion Drives Us: Purpose Steers the Way

We are full of passion, which provides inspiration to make positive memorable experiences. These actions are demonstrated in both large and small ways. We all have an individual purpose to make our company successful, which drives our desire for success by embracing the same common goals and effectively working together to reach our purpose.

Transparency builds Trust

Responsible transparency is the best way to build effective communication and maintain positive healthy relationships. We strive to be open and honest with each other and our clients. We value this transparency in order to build trust, improve our performance and strengthen our relationships. Being open to feedback allows us to put measures in place to become a more cohesive team and effective company.

Find Reasons to Celebrate

We go out of our way to look for the positive in every circumstance and celebrate each other’s successes both in business and our personal lives. Celebrating milestones or areas of improvement reminds us to focus on the BIG picture and inspires us to reach higher to meet the next goal. We inspire each other to focus on our strengths and encourage one another to celebrate large and small successes.

Ansafone's core values
Do More with Less

We are all committed to wearing many “hats” to support one another and ensure our clients and vendors get the attention they need. We don’t stick to what is; we branch out into what needs our focus or attention to ensure our clients and their customers come first. Combining our resources creates synergy and promotes a cohesive team environment.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously - Have Some Fun

We take pride in our work and want to reach the highest level of excellence in all we do, while having fun in the process. We each contribute to our enjoyable and fun work environment. Focus on what we are empowered to influence. Lighten up! Life is good …

Creativity over Conformity

We aren’t afraid to color outside of the lines and boldly use our creative ideas instead of conforming to the norm. We won’t feel limited; we are INSPIRED by possibility.

Industry Awards and Affiliations

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