Company values

Ansafone has nearly 50 years of call center experience and is one of the leading call center solutions companies in the world. We are a company dedicated to high-quality services that will secure the best possible relationship with our customers. We have achieved this place in the call center solutions field partially by adopting and adhering to a bold set of company values. By following these corporate values, we empower our employees to go above and beyond in order to foster our customer’s success.

Customer Focused

Our company provides a helpful service to thousands of other companies. We make connections and foster a relationship while developing customized call center solutions. This task places a considerable amount of responsibility on us. We are one of the earliest connections between a company and its customers and we strive to create a seamless experience for your customers and your business. Companies and customers have to trust that we will act  in their best interest and answer  their customers’ problems.

The entire business model is focused on customers, either our customers – or yours. Our focus is the main reason why we are dedicated to call center solutions instead of technology or direct services. Our business model revolves around taking responsibility for solving whatever call center needs a company might have. Actions are taken only with the clear consent and direction of our customer. As a result, we are always closely connected with the needs and ideas of our customers.

company values
Acts of Kindness

Every day, members of our company show kindness and compassion. These values are essential to our contact center business. Our team at our call centers believes in extending kindness to clients, customers, and co-workers. Simple mistakes and rude comments could ruin a relationship that is the reason we are in business.  At the same time, a single act of kindness could help build customer loyalty for your business which is a priceless asset to your company.  

Therefore, Ansafone rewards and actively encourages acts of kindness through our employee engagement program called “Great Catch.” These acts may be as simple as a taking an extra moment to show empathy to a caller or a nice word to someone who seems down on a particular day. Management is trained to notice and reward these acts of kindness. Acts of kindness help strengthen business relationships and inspire customers to keep coming back in the future.


Together – Everyone – Achieves – More

No individual can succeed on their own at a company like ours. This aspect of Ansafone’s business model prioritizes teamwork as a core company value. We often place individuals on a team in order to complete tasks that are far beyond the abilities of just one individual. These teams have to handle large orders or improve the general processes of the company.

Working on a team is a skill that cannot be adopted overnight. Instead, individuals have to work hard over a period of years in order to become a talented team player. Teamwork requires communication skills and the ability to compromise. Each person has to find and fill team roles whenever necessary. The value of teamwork is beneficial to individual employees as well as the company. In a functioning team, each employee should be able to prioritize the parts of the job that come most naturally to them. A good team can significantly reduce the hours of work and stress that often come with a person’s job.

Continuous Improvement

Ansafone’s business is always changing. The company works with nearly every type of organization and has to stay up-to-date on nearly every field that it could potentially interact with. There are new business techniques and best practices introduced on a monthly basis. New technology constantly disrupts old business practices throughout the call center industry. Anyone who is affiliated with this company has to be interested in continuously improving their work and work habits.

They cannot be stuck in outdated technology. We suggest that employees look at all of their technology and workflow practices on a regular basis. They should embrace techniques that work and improve those techniques that have not been successful. There are frequent conferences and meetings where management shares some of the most recent innovations in the field. Our employees must adapt and improve in order to succeed with the company.

Ansafone's core values

We are acting as your business and treat that responsibility with the care and respect it deserves. No business is worth doing if it is not done with integrity. A company without integrity is subject to not only a loss in revenue and lawsuits in every aspect of their business, but the company reputation itself becomes questionable. At Ansafone, we understand that this also applies to your business as we are acting on your behalf.  We are committed to doing business with the highest possible level of integrity. Our employees pledged at the start of their employment never to lie, cheat, or steal while they are at Ansafone. They always tell the truth to clients and customers of those clients. Integrity helps to keep the company honest and push employees to go above and beyond when handling clients while presenting solutions to problems that arise. Customers and clients are aware that an individual is acting with integrity and they often express thanks to us for maintaining high standards of our employees.

customer satisfaction
Have Fun

Working in the field of customer service can become stressful. Often, our agents are trying to solve problems for customers who are upset about something important to them, and sometimes it has taken more than one call for the customer to achieve resolution.  We all spend the majority of our day at work, and sitting in a cubicle all day can become tiring quickly. Ansafone attempts to be as fun and upbeat as possible to keep a positive environment and company culture. There are regular games, challenges, fun days, potlucks and events for employees. Successful employees receive praise and encouraged to do what they can to keep their job exciting. We know that happy employees stay at companies for years.

Ansafone is a company that believes people are its most important asset. Our high standards and friendly atmosphere go hand-in-hand, to create one of the leading call center solutions companies in the industry.

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