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Now more than ever, high standards in the healthcare industry are paramount. Partnering with a contact center equipped with highly-trained medical agents is a sure way to successfully manage the unwavering demand of quality patient care. With Ansafone Contact Centers on your side providing healthcare call center outsourcing, the ability to secure new patients and strengthen relationships with existing clients becomes fluid. A medical contact center allows businesses to offer smart patient management solutions that nurture loyalty, generate referrals and improve office productivity.

Health Care Call Center Services Deliver Higher-Quality Patient Care.

Medical facilities and health industry organizations are facing immense challenges in providing quality patient experiences without overburdening administrative staff.
Working with a reliable healthcare call center partner is becoming a common practice at medical facilities across the nation. A full two-thirds of U.S. hospitals utilize medical call center outsourcing services to eliminate many critical patient care issues, including customer engagement rates, first-call resolutions and compliance with HIPAA regulations.

When a patient contacts your organization, they may have important questions that can have life-altering answers. By entrusting highly-trained medical agents to assess the needs of each caller, memorable customer experiences are created. As a result, your credibility as a quality care provider is established and maintained. It’s this trust that keeps patients returning for other valuable services and inspires them to recommend your practice to their network.

Our reliable staff is available to answer every call, email or text that comes in. Each response is personalized based on the patient’s unique profile. Practices of all sizes and specialties reap the benefits of tapping our expert knowledge on how to improve patient satisfaction and office productivity.

Healthcare Contact Centers Enhance the Patient Experience

Customer satisfaction multiplies when patient needs are accommodated with ease. When they can conveniently pay premiums, make claims and receive accurate information about their inquiries, customers are willing to pay higher prices for valued healthcare services.

Ansafone Contact Centers contracts with a wide range of small, medium and large healthcare networks focused on an array of medical specialties to implement HIPAA-compliant and scalable solutions. Our healthcare services extend from providing after-hours answering services for community clinics to assisting administrators with meeting the demands of millions of plan members. On top of that, our experienced account managers consult with Information Technology departments to implement applications that provide secure patient access to medical records and develop interactive voice response (IVR) systems to intuitively direct incoming calls.

Ansafone excels at consistently posting impressive call response times and exceeding target conversion goals during member marketing initiatives. These professional efforts allow for reduced costs and growing patients lists.

Whether we are fulfilling a support role for your in-house office staff or serving as the navigators of your entire patient care program, you still maintain control at all times. A unique customization of a client’s business model is guaranteed in this partnership. Ansafone strategically supports the demands required by your practice, so your plan only includes the healthcare call center services needed to meet key performance indicators.

Tap the Talents of Technically Trained, U.S.-Based Healthcare Reps

For more than 50 years, we have served as the go-to resource for hospitals, independent practices, state-funded Medicaid plans and Health Benefit Exchange programs that need compassionate, HIPAA certified care coordinators. With two award-winning call centers based in Florida and California, Ansafone is equipped with the personnel resources and technological tools to provide nationwide patient management services.

Our healthcare specialists receive in-depth coaching on how to convey empathy, deter conflicts and resolve problems quickly. From insurance claims to payment processing, your handpicked team of brand-trained agents are available and ready to engage with patients at any moment.

We also work with each client to craft customized call scripts to ensure they comply with company policies and offer personalization. Calls are always documented and easily integrated into your EMR system. Bilateral access to this information allows our agents to have a full view of the patient’s interactions with your company.

A Full-Service Call Center You Can Count On

Staying connected with patients throughout their entire health journey enhances each customer service experience. By being proactive, we create a sense of trust and dependability that customers expect in quality health care servicing. Ansafone’s healthcare call centers are perfectly positioned to help you raise consumer awareness about your organization.

Our 24/7 Contact Center Is Ready To Handle Inbound Patient Calls Concerning:

Healthcare Call Centers Enhance the Patient Experience

PCI compliance

Each client builds a customized plan to fulfill critical components of their patient management strategy. All services fully meet the strict HIPAA standards and PHI confidentiality regulations. We also offer multi-lingual support which is accessible via phone, email or secure text messaging.

These insights help your company make data-driven decisions about which member engagement strategies provide the best ROI.

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