Multi-Channel Contact Center Services: Advancing Customer Service

As technology advances, the pipelines for customer communication are multiplying. Offering convenient multi channel communication touchpoints shapes and enhances the overall customer experience and proves just how much you value their time and their business.

Expanding Your Multi Channel Communication Approach

Customers have a reasonable expectation to be able to contact you via phone, email or social media. The average consumer accesses at least three types of devices daily and they want to be able to reach you on each platform wherever they happen to be during their hectic schedule. A quick appointment request from a customer on Facebook can be followed up with a phone chat and then confirmed with a detailed email. A multi-channel contact center can make this resolution journey feel seamless, which leads to greater customer satisfaction and higher retention rates.

Designing an Integrated Multi Channel Communication Strategy

Ansafone has both the modern technology and the experienced contact center agents to efficiently and cost-effectively roll out an integrated interaction plan. You select which channels best fit your business operations and serve the needs of your customers. We can provide full multi channel communication support or supplement gaps in your multichannel strategy.

Our multi-channel contact center services engage customers through a variety of contact points, including:

live chat

Instant messaging speeds up contact time, often allowing customers to fix a situation immediately, leading to higher rates of first call resolution. These quick discussions also increase agent productivity since they can work with multiple cases simultaneously.

Email Support

One of the most effective platforms for resolving customers’ questions and concerns, email is an essential tool for customer communication. A quality email strategy includes timely and personalized responses to inquiries.

Phone Support

Customers still overwhelmingly prefer to discuss their concerns with real people over the phone. Exceptional service is delivered through dedicated contact center applications that reduce endless menu options and long wait queues. Customers also get to speak with quality agents who genuinely care about their business and yours.

multi channel communication agent
Social Media Monitoring

Customers turn to social media to share experiences, sort out product problems and post complaints. Quick, personalized responses are critical to building a social community, so it is equally important that you thank satisfied customers, offer solutions for common questions and direct private cases to other channels.


A custom-designed Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone system ensures that your primary point of contact with customers is easy and direct. A friendly welcome message and a streamlined menu gives your valuable customers the tools that they need to get the answers that they seek.

Disconnected channels create frustration when customers must repeat their contact information and situation. The goal is to create a consistent relationship by providing a seamless journey across every channel. Ansafone connects your multi channel communication platforms to your CRM system so that our contact center agents have access to account details, earlier interactions and resolution results at each touchpoint.


This ability to fully integrate, sync data and share context across channels provides the consistent and engaging services customers want. It also increases agent productivity, allowing your business to reduce operational costs, decrease wait queues and speed up response times. Ansafone’s robust analytics tools draw upon this data as well to generate valuable insights about how your customers prefer to reach you and which channels are producing the best results.

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