Multi-Channel Contact Center Services

Improving Customer Experience

When you give customers options, it shows them that you value their time and their business. With over 50 years of experience, Ansafone offers the best in customer communication. Outsource your customer communication strategy with our multi-channel contact center services!

A Customized Multi-Channel Communication Approach

Your customers want choices. They want to be able to contact you through various platforms—including phone, email or social media—and get a prompt response.

With Ansafone’s multi-channel approach, a customer can request an appointment on Facebook, follow up with a phone chat, and minutes later, get an email confirmation—seamlessly. Here are some of the ways our services stand out:

Whatever type of communication your customers choose, Ansafone can handle it. With our services, you can meet your customers where they’re at in their busy schedules. Your business will benefit from greater customer satisfaction, higher retention rates and growth in sales.

Integrating Live Chat, Phone, Email, Social Media and More

At Ansafone, we combine modern technology with experienced call center agents. The result? You can efficiently, cost-effectively roll out a strategy that’s tailored to your business.

Simply select which channels fit your customers’ needs. We can provide full multi-channel communication support or we can supplement gaps in your current strategy.

Sync All Your Contact Points with Ansafone

Engage your customers through a variety of contact points, including:

live chat

Speed up contact time with live chat! Fix your customers’ problems and answer their questions in an instant. Live chat is efficient because it allows agents to work with multiple customers at once.

Email Support

Email is an essential tool. It feels personal to your customers, and it’s an effective way to resolve questions and concerns. You can provide timely, detailed responses with a quality email strategy.

Phone Support

Many customers prefer to discuss their concerns with real people over the phone. It’s essential to provide a great phone experience. That means minimal waiting and genuine, caring agents.

multi channel communication agent
Social Media Monitoring

Provide quick, personalized responses across all social channels. Express thanks to your customers, answer questions, and redirect private cases to other channels with social media monitoring.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an easy way to give your customers the answers they seek. With a friendly welcome message and streamlined menu, customers can quickly find what they need via phone.

Here’s How We Eliminate Overlap and Provide a Seamless Journey

As a customer, there are few things more frustrating than an unhelpful, unresponsive customer service team. That’s where Ansafone comes in to repair the customer experience!

Providing Constant Support

Customers want consistent, engaging services. They also want to be able to reach you in a variety of ways, whether that’s social media, a phone conversation, or instant messaging on your website. With the best multi-channel call center services, you can provide 24/7 customer care, even on holidays and weekends. People will greatly appreciate the flexibility and reliability of your customer service when you partner with Ansafone.

Connecting All Channels

It’s important to have multiple points of communication. However, disconnected channels cause frustration. You don’t want customers to have to repeat information when trying to get their issue solved. With Ansafone, there’s no disconnect. We integrate all channels with your CRM system. Our contact center agents have full access to earlier interactions, account details, and resolution results at each touchpoint.

Generating Valuable Customer Data

Ansafone provides robust data collection and analytics tools. You can gain valuable insights about how your customers prefer to reach you. You’ll also learn which channels are producing the best results. When you collect customer data, you can provide a better experience to your target customer base. You’ll retain existing customers while attracting new ones.

Industry Awards and Affiliations

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Client Testimonials

Home Health Care Company:
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“Ansafone always goes above and beyond! They are always professional and ensure all messages are properly handled. If I have any questions or concerns, I can always count on my representative Dave! Thank you for your excellent service.”
Donation Information Hotline:
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“I am highly impressed with the exceptional level of customer service, reporting and professionalism with Ansafone.  I have worked with them for many years and found them to be action oriented and focused on quality performance.”
TAS and Call Center Support:
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"We appreciate all you have done for us in the past and wish you all the best.  Please extend my thanks to Laural and everyone at Ansafone."
Energy & Utilities:
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"I would like to express gratitude on behalf of Marion County Solid Waste for the prompt and satisfactory service you have provided to us."
Healthcare /Orthopedics:
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"Honestly, everything has been wonderful... What is most impressive to my providers and myself is the knowledge that the agents answering the phones have... It makes our jobs so much easier."