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Ansafone Outbound Call Center Services

Looking for an outbound call center to help you meet your organization’s goals, increase sales, save you money, and expand your business? You’ll need an experienced outbound Call Center service that knows how to adapt to your company’s needs and treat your customers right.


What Is an Outbound Call Center?

In an outbound center, we don’t take calls from customers—instead, our agents call the customer. Outbound call center solutions traditionally include telemarketing, sales, surveys, and customer retention calls. Many of our clients combine outbound calling services with inbound call center services to provide a fully-outsourced contact center team.

Make a Great Impression

We take our job seriously as an extension of your business, and our goal is to partner with you as seamlessly as possible. We train our outbound contact center technicians to always represent your business in the best light. Our specialties include everything from traditional telemarketing to social media services.

Our Outbound Call Center Agents

At our outbound call center company, we make sure our technicians are thoroughly trained and skilled in outbound call center solutions. Not only are they polite and friendly when representing your business, but they know how to ask the right questions, figure out the customer’s needs, present offers, close deals, and more, depending on the particular service you hire us to do. Discover what outbound call center outsourcing can do for your organization!

Our Outbound Call Center Services

Lead Generation

Lead generation phone calls are still a part of today’s business world. When you use cold calling for lead generation, you get direct, one-on-one contact with your potential customers. Your customers will get to know your business a little better, and you’ll get to know them, too. We’ve found that experience plays a huge role in the success of cold-calling, and our highly-trained telemarketing agents are excellent at conducting cold calls for lead generation. When you outsource your lead generation to our outbound call center, we’ll help you find new customers with the end goal of increasing sales and growing your business.

Customer Win Back and Retention

Sometimes, old clients seem to drop off the face of the earth. Maybe they’ve moved on to another service provider, or maybe they simply lost your contact information. Other times, there’s a specific situation that might have caused them to leave. No matter why you parted with a former client, our talented call center agents are here to help you try to win them back. And with our customer retention services, we can help you lock down current customers to make sure they don’t leave you high and dry.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Phone customer satisfaction surveys are a helpful way to measure your business’s success. Phone surveys are a great follow-up to online surveys, and they provide an increasingly-rare opportunity for one-on-one personal contact with customers or clients. Are you meeting or surpassing your customers’ expectations? What are your areas for growth and improvement? With well-designed customer satisfaction surveys and friendly call agents who are great at getting customers to open up about their experience, we can help you gather large amounts of valuable data for your business.

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Ansafone can increase your call center performance and efficiency, lower operational costs, and create new sales opportunities for your business. We are ready to support your customer support outsourcing and be an extension of your brand!
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